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Gênero: Hardcore
Ano: 1987
Artista: Sick Of It All
Álbum: Discografia
Gravadora: Fat Wreck Chords, East West Records, Revelation Records
Tamanho: 701 Mb´s
Formato: mp3
Dados do disco:
Como uma das mais duradouras bandas que ainda tremulam orgulhosamente a bandeira do hardcore Nova Iorquino, o Sick Of It All está marcado como um dos alicerces do NYHC, provando que coração, trabalho duro e dedicação ao hardcore é muito mais do que apenas música e uma imagem, é um modo de vida.
Sem mais… É NYHC na parada mermão!

Lou Koller – Vocal
Pete Koller – Guitar
Craig Setari – Bass
Armand Majidi – Drummer

Sick Of It All – Sick Of It All EP 1987
01.It´s Clobberin´ Time/Just Lies
02.Pete´s Sake
03.Friends Like You
04.Bullshit Justice
05.Pay the Price
06.Pushed Too Far/Give Respect
07.The Deal
08.N.S./My Revenge

Sick Of It All – Blood, Sweat and No Tears LP 1989
01.The Blood and The Sweat
02.Clobberin´ Time/Pay The Price
03.Give Respect
04.Breeders Of Hate
05.Pushed Too Far
06.Friends Like You
07.B.S. Justice
08.Rat Pack
09.Pete´s Sake
10.Stick Together
11.G.I. Joe Headstomp
13.My Life
14.World Full Of Hate
15.My Revenge
16.No Labels
18.The Deal
19.Injustice System!

Sick Of It All – We Stand Alone EP 1991
01.What´s Going On
02.Betray (Minor Threat cover)
03.We StandAlone
05.My Revenge/World Full Of Hate
06.Pete´s Sake
07.Injustice System
08.The Deal
09.G.I. Joe Headstomp
10.Pushed Too Far
11.The Blood and The Sweat

Sick Of It All – Just Look Around LP 1992
01.We Want the Truth
03.The Pain Strikes
04.Shut Me Out
05.What´s Goin´ On
06.Never Measure Up
07.Just Look Around
08.Violent Generation
09.The Shield
10.Now It´s Gone
11.We Stand Alone
12.Will We Survive

Sick Of It All – Step Down EP 1994
01 – Step Down
02 – Borstal Breakout
03 – Straight Ahead

Sick Of It All – Scratch the Surface CD 1994
01.No Cure
04.Who Sets the Rules
06.Step Down
08.Scratch the Surface
09.Free Spirit
10.Force My Hand
11.Desperate Fool
12.Return to Reality
13.Farm Team
14.Cease Fire

Sick Of It All – Spreading The Hardcore Reality CD 1995
01.It´s Clobberin´ Time
02.Just Lies
03.Pete´s Sake
04.Friends Like You
05.Bullshit Justice
06.Pay the Price
07.Pushed Too Far
08.Give Respect
10.N.S./My Revenge
12.My Life

Sick Of it All – Live In A World Full Of Hate CD 1995
01. Injustice System!
02. It´s Clobberin´ Time
03. Violent Generation
04. Alone
05. Pain Strikes
06. Shut Me Out
07. Pushed Too Far
08. Friends Like You
09. Locomotive
10. World Full of Hate
11. Just Look Around
12. What´s Goin´ On
13. Give Respect
14. Disillusion
15. No Labels
16. Pete´s Sake
17. G.I. Joe Head Stomp
18. We Want the Truth
19. Blood & the Sweat
20. Shield
21. We Stand Alone
22. Indust.
23. My Life
24. Betray

Sick Of It All – Cool as a Mustache EP 1996
01 – Jungle
02 – Closer
03 – 86 (Bonus Track Unavailable On LP)

Sick Of It All – Built to Last CD 1997
01.Good Lookin´ Out
02.Built to Last
04.One Step Ahead
05.Us vs. Them
07.Don´t Follow
10.Burn ´em Down
11.End the Era
12.Chip Away
13.Too Late

Sick Of It All – Call to Arms CD 1999
01.Let Go
02.Call to Arms
03.Potential for a Fall
05.The Future Is Mine
07.Falling Apart
09.Morally Confused
12.Pass the Buck
13.Quiet Man
15.(Just A) Patsy

Sick Of It All – Potential For A Fall EP 2000
01 – Potential For A Fall
02 – Let Go
03 – Soul Be Free

Sick Of It All – Maladjusted EP 2000
01 – Maladjusted
02 – Scratch the Surface
03 – Shut Me Out
04 – No Cure

Sick Of It All – Yours Truly CD 2000
01.Blown Away
03.The Bland Within
04.Hello Pricks
06.Disco Sucks Fuck Everything
08.Hands Tied Eyes Closed
09.Turn My Back
10.Broke Dick
13.This Day and Age
15.Cry for Help
16.No Apologies

Sick Of It All – Life on the Ropes CD 2000
02.All My Blessings
03.The Land Increases
04.Paper Tiger (Fakin´ the Punk) – (featuring John Joseph)
05.The Innocent
07.For Now
08.View From the Surface
09.Going All Out
11.Shot Sandwich
12.Butting Heads
13.Take Control
14.Kept in Check
15.On the Brink

Sick Of it All – Live In A Dive CD 2002
01.Good Lookin´ Out
02.Call to Arms
03.Blown Away
04.Built to Last
05.Just Look Around
06.Let Go
07.Us Vs. Them
08.The Bland Within
09.Disco Sucks Fuck Everything
10.Injustice System!
11.Potential for a Fall
12.Scratch the Surface
14.Straight Ahead
15.Rat Pack
17.My Life
21.Friends Like You
22.Clobberin´ Time
23.Step Down
24.Bullshit Justice

Sick Of It All – Relentless EP 2003
01 Relentless
02 Who Will Be Next
03 Can´t Wait To Quit

Sick Of It All – Outtakes For The Outcast CD 2004
01 I Believe
02 Stood For Nothing
03 Borstal Breakout
04 Straight Ahead
05 All Hell Breaks Loose
06 My Little World
07 Soul Be Free
08 Blatty (Human Egg)
09 86
10 Target
11 Rip Off
12 Working Class Kids
13 Never Measure Up
14 Future Is Mine, The
15 Just Look Around – (House of Pain remix)

Sick Of It All – Death To Tyrants CD 2006
01.Take the Night Off
04.Uprising Nation
05.Always War
06.Die Alone
07.Evil Schemer
09.Make a Mark
10.Forked Tongue
11.The Reason
13.Fred Army
14.Thin Skin
15.Maria White Trash

Sick Of It All – Based On A True Story CD 2010
01. Death or Jail
02. The Divide
03. Dominated
04. A Month of Sundays
05. Braveheart
06. Bent Outta Shape
07. Lowest Common Denominator
08. Good Cop
09. Lifeline
10. Watch It Burn
11. Waiting for the Day
12. Long as She´s Standing
13. Nobody Rules
14. Dirty Money

Our Impact Will Be Felt: A Tribute To Sick Of It All (CD) 2007
01 – Rise Against – Built to Last
02 – Unearth – Clobberin Time/What´s Going On
03 – Hatebreed – Ratpack
04 – Madball – Give Respect
05 – Bleeding Through – We Want the Truth
06 – Comeback Kid – Step Down
07 – Ignite – Cease Fire
08 – The Bouncing Souls – Good Lookin´ Out
09 – Pennywise – My Life
10 – Kill Your Idols – Friends Like You
11 – Sepultura – Scratch the Surface
12 – Himsa – Maladjusted
13 – Most Precious Blood – Alone
14 – First Blood – Just Look Around
15 – Stretch Arm Strong – Busted
16 – Walls of Jericho – Us Vs. Them
17 – The Suicide Machines – Goatless
18 – Bane – We Stand Alone
19 – No Redeeming Social Value – World Full Of Hate
20 – Napalm Death – Who Sets the Rules
21 – Survive – Blown Away (Japan bonus track)
22 – Loyal To the Grave – Will We Survive (Japan bonus track)

Sick Of It All EP 1987 ON
Blood, Sweat And No Tears LP1989 ON
We Stand Alone EP 1991 ON
Just Look Around LP 1992 ON
Step Down 1994 ON
Scratch The Surface 1994 ON
Spreading The Hardcore Reality 1995 ON
Live In A World Full Of Hate 1995 ON
Cool As A Mustache EP 1996 ON
Built To Last 1997 ON
Call To Arms 1999 ON
Potential For A Fall EP 2000 ON
Maladjusted EP 2000 ON
Yours Truly 2000 ON
Life On The Ropes 2003 ON
Live In A Dive 2002 ON
Relentless EP 2003 ON
Outtakes For Outcasts 2004 ON
Death To Tyrants 2006 ON
Based On A True Story 2010 ON
Our Impact Will Be Felt – A Tribute To Sick Of It ON


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