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Nome: Pokemon Online
Ano: 2007
Fabricante: Desconhecido
Sistema Operacional: Win 2000 / XP /2003
Estilo: RPG Online
Tamanho: 8MB
Formato: Rar
Idioma: Inglês
Pokemon Online (POL) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that involves quests, player personalisation, persistent NPCs, sparring and general exploration. Players will have the ability to train and catch pokemon while battling other trainers online in real-time. The POL game is closely based on the original Pokemon Gameboy games, with most of the traditional elements remaining intact. The POL enviroment is completely 2D and replicates the graphics used in the original games. The POL MMORPG has the ability to support hundreds and even thousands of simultaneously connected players. This means that you will interact in a vast virtual world, with many kingdoms and quests, with players from all over the world.

The POL game has no end, it just keeps evolving. POL has many quests, events, tools for building new content and personalising your character, games within the game, chat, forums and much more. POL has been a prominent part of the Pokémon fandom since 1999. Beyond providing the fundamentals of any MMORPG – a dedicated team, a fantastic forum community, and professionalism, Pokemon Online has made for itself a mission. Pokemon Online seeks to involve the community wherever possible.

Pokemon Online has proven itself to be innovative in its approaches to nearly everything – from being the first Pokemon MMMORPG project to incorporating a community-driven spirit into the development of the game. This is a site where you aren''t just a fan – you''re a member. This is a community. This is where you can contribute on your own time, as much or as little as you want. This is the ultimate Pokémon MMORPG. This is Pokemon Online.

i found this yesterday, but right now it is going through some troubles with their irc network. they said it should be back up in the next day or two, so if you wanna try it you should run it every now and then.
Configuração Mínima:
Ter acesso a internet de pelo menos 56k.

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