Avira Antivirus Free Download for Windows 7

Avira Antivirus Free Download for Windows 7

Avira is a German-based antivirus program that has worldwide recognition and millions of satisfied users. It appeals to users due to its simple but eye-catching interface and multitude of excellent features. Above all, Avira offers real-time protection from threats and malware. 

License  Free
Operating system Windows
Category  Antivirus
Author Avira Operations
Downloads  487,609.
Language English and support for 10 more languages.
Latest Update 29th December 2022.


Despite an abundance of great antivirus utilities, is Avira worth considering. We’ll address this question in this article and provide some convincing reasons to embrace this utility. You can click on the button provided on this page to download the cracked version of antivirus free antivirus for windows 7.

Undeniably, Avira is one of the safest antivirus utilities available in the market. It first gained prominence in the early 2000 and since then, it has received multiple awards for its exceptional malware detection rates.

The best possible way to evaluate the authenticity of the Avira antivirus program is by checking independent testing lab reports. So in the latest testing sessions conducted by AV-Comparatives, Avira Antivirus effectively blocks 99.3% of all malware and viruses.  

In the February-March period of 2020, Avira blocked 100% of all the threats during the testing session. Apart from its spectacular performance, it identified false positives, a feature that is missing in even the best antivirus program.

2019 was successful for Avira, as it managed to get first place in the antivirus application list during all the testing sessions by effectively eliminating 100% of threats. On top of that, during the testing sessions, it detects almost no false positives.

No other antivirus utility can show the same results. Indeed, there is some antivirus software that can detect up to 97% of viruses, but they are not comparable to Avira.

Security Features

Avira Antivirus

The security tab of Avira software shows the crucial features. This is the place where you have to go if you want to perform a thorough scan of all the viruses present in your computer. Even though not all the features are freely available for all the users of Avira, there are still some new features. To unleash advanced features, consider switching to the paid version.

Antivirus Scanner

Avira Antivirus

Avira users have two options: full scan and quick scan. If you select the full scan option, the program will check your entire system for viruses, checking even the most complicated areas of your system.

On the other hand, if you select quick scan, the program will only scan the most vulnerable areas of the PC.

Aside from these two options, there is other options to manage scans that allow you to keep a track record of all the scans performed on the PC. Additionally, with these options, you can specify a timeframe for the scan. 

All you need to do is to select the folder you want to check for malware and specify how often you want to perform the scan.

Real-Time Protection

Avira Antivirus

All the versions of Avira offer real-time malware protection. This feature scans all the files stored in your PC and is used too often, informing you if they are safe or defective. Avira won’t allow suspicious programs to compromise your device by continuously issuing you alerts.

There are three more options under the security tab, but you can only access them if you have paid versions of Avira. 

Safe Browsing

This feature blocks all the threats like phishing, session hijacking, and ransomware. If you experience suspicious activities while browsing the internet, Avira can identify the underlying reasons and effectively eliminate that threat. 

For this reason, we strongly recommend enabling this feature while surfing the web, as even the seemingly safe sites are prone to malicious activities.

Email Protection

This feature protects your device from malware inflicted via email attachments. To circumvent this threat, never open an email attachment from a stranger. 

However, sometimes your friend might accidentally send you an infected attachment if they haven’t installed a good antivirus program in their system.

Protection from Ransomware

If you aren’t aware of ransomware, here is a simple definition of it. It is a malware designed to block access to some files in the system unless the victim is ready to pay mutually-agreed money to the hacker.

Once you open a malicious link, email attachment, or visit infected website, it will download to your device automatically. 

To combat this security breach, Avira antivirus detects ransomware before it compromises your device. It is worth mentioning here that a plethora of tests proved Avira’s ability to tackle such threats effectively. 

Since the Antivirus database keeps updating consistently, it can detect and eliminate all the ransomware methodologies employed by nefarious actors.


If Avira antivirus flagged the file as a threat, it sends that particular file to the quarantine folder. Eventually, an apparently infectious file could not damage your system.

To remove a stored file from a quarantined folder, you have to manually delete it. Otherwise, the Antivirus program will retain it there. 

Like other antivirus software, Avira finds false positives sometimes. Therefore, if you are 100% sure that the file is not corrupt, you can restore it to its original position. To prevent Avira from targeting the same file again, you should mark that file as an exception to exclude that file from the next scan.

Software Updater

Avira Antivirus

The software updater feature only comes with the paid version of Avira antivirus. It detects outdated apps on your PC and suggests a few updates. If you are using Avira free version, it will only inform you about the potentially damaging programs. 

However, the free version of Avira does not update obsolete applications. Consider switching to a premium package if you want to stop old apps from damaging your system.

On top of that, continuous updates significantly reduce the risk of security breaches.


All the versions of Avira antivirus come with firewall features. Moreover, Avira allows you to configure Windows firewalls through its mobile app. Even though this feature might look useless to you, it offers a host of benefits because the Avira user interface is easy to use and you don’t have to navigate through the Windows security tab to disable or enable the firewall.


Avira antivirus software is equipped with all the key features that you can expect in any reputable malware application. Its exceptional malware detection rate and secure browsing feature set it apart from other utilities.