Calendar App for Windows 7/8/10 [2023]

Calendar App for Windows 7/8/10 [2023]

The most successful people in this world use their time smartly. They always ensure optimal utilization of their limited time and to achieve this goal; they prefer embracing the calendar app because it allows them to schedule every single event of their life. 

Nevertheless, efficient time management doesn’t include writing down all the key activities you’ll be doing throughout the day. With the word-from-home culture’s prevalence, employees must remain engaged with their team members. To accomplish this task, they need a smart calendar app that streamlines the coordination between the team members.

Before writing this article, I reviewed dozens of desktop calendar apps for Windows 7/8/10.1. Here is the list of Windows 7/8/10 calendar applications that could fulfill the users’ requirements. 

Google Calendar (Best App for Team Management)



Google Calendar is packed with a host of wonderful features and is easy to use, even for those who need to be tech-savvy. If you want a calendar app with a simple but effective interface to monitor your regular events, this app suits you. 

You don’t have to spend too much time learning how to add events or altering the default interface of the app. Likewise, inviting your Google contacts to video conference via this app is incredibly easy. 

By delving deeper into the app, you’ll find more compelling features. For instance, you can share your entire calendar with your team members or peers, which is great for efficient team management. 

Google Calendar can seamlessly integrate with all the Google features. That’s a great feature for users, especially if they already use other Google tools. Since Google Calendar is integrated with Gmail, you can send schedules for a particular event to all your team members included in your Google account. Therefore, you’ll end up saving considerable time and effort.

Similarly, Google workplace has many built-in features for office employees, and many are specifically designed for remote or hybrid workers. For instance, there is a work location tool and a tool to split your work hours aligned with today’s work environment. Leveraging the same tools, you can create appointment slots replicating the appointment scheduler tool.

If you want a calendar that can streamline communication between you can help your team, Google Calendar comes in handy.

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Microsoft Outlook Calendar (Best Calendar App for Microsoft Users)


Outlook was primarily designed in the early 90s and since then, it has boasted the best desktop calendar app for Windows 7/8/10.1. With this one application, you’ll get a couple of tools like calendar, email, and contacts. With just a few clicks, you can add new events to the calendar. 

On top of that, you can add as many calendars as possible, including today and this week. Since the app supports Microsoft 365 accounts, you can seamlessly send event notifications to your employees and team members. Above all, you can compare schedules and share calendars with co-workers.

If your company is using other Microsoft products, Outlook best suits you. However, if you are not a Microsoft user, Outlook is still worth considering due to its compelling features. For instance, the weather tool at the top of your calendar informs you about the hazardous climate so that you can prepare beforehand.  Apart from that, Outlook supports both Android and iOS.

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Apple Calendar (Well-Suited for Apple Users)


Apple Calendar is the default calendar app of the Mac OS. Once you use this fantastic app, I bet you’ll love its simple, eye-catching, and easy-to-use interface. Apple Calendar is synchronized with Google Calendar, Yahoo, and a host of other calendar platform that unleashes CalDAV. 

Apple Calendar’s user-friendly interface lets you focus on an event rather than learning how to navigate the app. If you have used any Apple app before, you can conveniently use this calendar with extended drag-and-drop feature support. 

Furthermore, you can easily and quickly add appointments in an app calendar. What sets it apart from other calendar apps is its support for the creation of new events using natural language. All you need to do is to press the plus sign (+) and define the name along with its title, time, and date. Hit the enter button next. 

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Fantastical Calendar App


Fantastical has almost everything that you could expect in any calendar app. on the left side of the panel, and most apps place the least used calendars there. In stark contrast to that, Fantastica uses the same space for an agenda view. Although it’s not a noticeable factor, it reflects how carefully developers designed every single element to make the app more and more user-friendly. 

Another compelling feature of this app is that if the two calendar displays the same event, it will display them together with pine-stripe to avoid confusion while reviewing the event dates. 

With Fantastical Windows 7/8/8.1 calendar, you can create events in the natural language. For instance, you can create the event “Dinner with Bob at Vice Street,” and the app will automatically fill the calendar fields with your specified words. Apple Calendar offers this feature, but Fantastical does it much better.

On top of that, Fantastical supports appointment scheduling. However, limitless apps can perform the same task; Fantastical works better as it seamlessly integrates with all the well-known calendar apps. No other app can emulate Fantastical; therefore if you are looking for a calendar app for mac OS, Fantastical is worth spending money on.

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The calendar application lets you manage your regular tasks hassle-free while minimizing human effort, so deciding on an appropriate tool to ensure work-life balance is imperative. All the calendar apps we have mentioned in this article have free versions. Therefore, you can explore their features before switching to the paid version.