Download Adobe DNG Converter for Free [2023]

Download Adobe DNG Converter for Free [2023]

Many times, photographers take photos from their DSLR and generally, the captured photo is of large size and stored in a RAW format. Therein the real irony lies. Since the image is not stored in an appropriate format, the photographer has to experience many issues. 

Furthermore, such kind of images can only be seen when they are open and cannot be uploaded on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Above all, the size of the image is around 30 MB which is unacceptable for any device. To cope with this problem, photographers harness different software to convert images.

If you have ever done professional photography, you could realize the real problem. This is where the significance of the Adobe DNG converter comes into the picture. It is the widely used software that almost all professional photographers have at their disposal.

With the prevalence of image editing software, almost everyone uses Adobe DNG converter to convert their RAW photos into jpg or jpeg.

As a matter of fact, not all photographers do not use the same camera type, so they have different RAW image formats which cannot be opened on all devices.

Once you have Adobe DNG converter at your disposal, you can unleash the full potential of this freeware tool that supports around 400 image formats. 

It is worth mentioning here that Adobe DNG converter supports all the images captured by Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Nikon, Samsung, Olympus, and Pentax.

Besides, it doesn’t only support images taken by professional-level DSLR or mirrorless cameras, but it supports RAW images taken by mobile phone cameras as well. 

The technology employed in Adobe DNG converter is the same as Adobe Lightroom and you can embrace all the same features without paying a single penny.

Additionally, it enables the users to perform different conversion tasks flawlessly and offers them a bunch of advanced tools for handling RAW images. Its user-friendly interface allows the users to start working immediately without any educational material on how to navigate through the software. On top of that, users can seamlessly handle multiple image formats concurrently.

Furthermore, a host of custom settings and advanced tools enables the users to edit multiple photos at the same time, so they’ll end up saving considerable time and effort. 

Before the advent of the Digital Negative Converter or DNG, there was no standard for the proprietary and RAW image files created by different digital cameras. Therefore, all the camera users use proprietary image formats.

Consequently, they could not transfer the RAW image files between different devices and open them on their computer or laptop.

DNG significantly reduces the time and effort wasted on cataloging images and accessing specific image files from the database.  

Since the DNG format unleashes advanced image compression algorithms, the quality of image files will not be compromised when they are transferred to DNG format from the RAW format.

Moreover, DNG files use the format of the same image files; they are compressed by a number of layers and the compression ratio is significant enough to produce better-quality images when compared to an original image.

Since the format specifications are widely available, any software vendor can build an application by reaping the benefits of DNG.

adobe dng converter

How to Download and Install Adobe DNG Converter for Free

  • Click on the download button and you’ll be directed to the cracked version of Adobe DNG Converter.
  • Once the software is successfully downloaded into your system, install the software. To get this job done, all you need to do is click on the DMG Converter executable file twice.


The DNG Converter is now successfully installed inside your macOS or Windows OS directory. On the successful installation of the utility, you are required to install a set of color profiles for the optimal functioning of the software. These profiles get transferred to a common resource location automatically.

Adobe DNG Converter

How to Convert Image Using Adobe DNG

  • First of all you need to launch an application by double-clicking on the icon. You can perform the same task by transferring a folder of images or an individual image to the Adobe DNG Converter. As a result, the utility will launch automatically.
  • Select a complete folder that you want to convert to DNG.
  • Select the location where you want to store converted image files inside your system.
  • Decide the naming pattern for the new DNG image files.
  • By default, DNG extension is appended to the original name of the file.
  • Attach serial numbers or letters to the file name. 
  • In the next step, you have to define numbering and file extension for the newly created DNG files.
  • Do the necessary changes to the compatibility preferences.
  • Once you select the conversion option, a dialog box with the conversion status will appear automatically.

Adobe DNG Benefits

  • This image conversion software empowers photographers with archival confidence as they easily open RAW files across multiple devices.
  • A single RAW processing application streamlines workflow, specifically when handling images from multiple camera types.
  • Its technical specifications and system requirements are readily available that the camera manufacturer can use to tailor their product with the latest technology. 
  • Adobe DNG eliminates a potential barrier to the new cameras because the utility supports raw files by new models.
  • The DNG format enables R&D savings as the photographers are no longer required to develop new formats to test their new camera models.
  • Designed specifically for those who expect high quality and improved performance from their photo converting application.
  • Offers the best platform to polish your digital photography skills.
  • Allows users to customize images stored in digital format. For instance, they can experiment with certain filters, colors and contrasts.
  • Some key camera parameters like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Full Automatic Mode, Full Automatic Focus, and Balance can be easily adjusted once the image is captured.

What’s New in the Adobe PNG

  • Removal of some key issues that are irritating the photographers and preventing them from harnessing the full potential of this wonderful application.
  • Support for new camera types and lenses.
  • Allows the users to experience refinements.

Technical Details

Last Updated 20th August 2022.
Developer Adobe
License Freeware
Operating System Windows and Mac
File Size 674 MB.
Downloads 183,807.



You can launch the Adobe DNG Converter on Windows 7, 8, and 10. This image converter is primarily developed by Adobe and is listed under the Graphics and Design category. The moment you download and install the utility, you’ll definitely be amazed by its features.