Download Avro Keyboard for Windows 7 for Free [2023]

Avro Keyboard for Windows 7

For a lot of people, writing in a native language, apart from English is very challenging. This even gets a lot worse if you have been accustomed to a different keyboard layout. For the Bengali language people, one of the most popular and appreciated solutions for typing text in their native language is the Avro Keyboard for Windows 7.

Avro Keyboard for windows 7 is an open-source virtual keyboard software developed and designed by OmicronLab for Bengali computer users. This program also serves people from India and allows users to make inputs in the English language and have them translated into Bengali. This process is known as transliteration.

Avro Keyboard is a virtual keyboard that allows you to type using the Bengali alphabet through transliteration. This means that you can easily switch from romanized letters to Bengali or Bangla letters when you need to type in said language without needing a translator where you need to copy and paste your text.

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Avro Keyboard Free Download

The Avro keyboard for Windows 7 is one of the first of its kind in Bangladesh and has enjoyed a great deal of popularity. One of the best parts of the advent of this application is that it’s free to download with no premium plan or advertisements. It is supported by Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Type Faster in Bangla

Avro Keyboard for Windows 7 bangla

With the Avro Keyboard for Windows 7, you won’t need an external translating application that will require you manually copying and pasting text between the said languages. This means that when you input English text, the application produces characters matching Bangla, using an algorithm for phonetic conversion.

Whether or not you are fluent enough to communicate in Bangladesh or English language, you do not need to manually switch external hardware, char layouts, and font. This way, you can type faster.

Avoid Typing Mistakes with Autocorrection

Thanks to Avro Keyboard spellchecker, typing mistakes are minimized to the barest minimum. The application autocorrects your misspelled texts and provides predictions for the best possible word to come next. This tool comes in really handy for creating spreadsheets and word documents, and writing emails.

Lightweight and Easy to use

Avro Keyboard for Windows 7 toolbar

The Avro Keyboard for Windows 7 application is easy to download and install, and won’t take up so much space. Immediately after installation, this app launches as a small floating toolbar on the top of your desktop. That way, you can easily access the required tools for typing Bangla. Users can switch between typing in English and Bangla with just a click.  

Features of Avro keyboard for PC

Avro Keyboard for Windows 7 is one of the most popular keyboard applications in Bangla and this obviously is for a reason. The application is known for its amazing features and functionalities.

Let us take a look at some of the basic features of the Avro keyboard.

Easy Transliteration

The Avro Keyboard is equipped with a translation mode feature that translates text inputs made in English into desired Bangla language. Simply spell out how your intended output, the way it is pronounced, and have it transformed into your desired Bangla language.

Traditional Keyboard Typing Mode

Avro Keyboard for Windows 7 typing mode

More than just making inputs in English, the Avro Keyboard allows users to make inputs in different Bangla languages. This is made possible by the traditional fixed keyboard layout. In this mode, you are able to type directly in any desired Bangla language.


Avro Keyboard is not only a free application but open source. It supports all operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.


Avro Keyboard for Windows 7

Avro keyboard allows for customization, just after an installation. You can transform it into that typing and editing tool you can depend on. Users can select individual keys and assign Bangla characters to each, thereby creating custom keyboards.

Touch typing

With Avro keyboard, users also enjoy touch typing. This is where you are able to, at any time, bring up a virtual keyboard displaying Bangla characters on your desktop. 

Integrated Fonts/ Unicode Complaint

Avro Keyboard is no doubt one of the easiest Bangla typing programs for Bengali computer users. The program offers full support for Unicode and ANSI characters and provides all the necessary fonts for all your typing needs.

 Other features of Avro keyboard for PC include:

  • English to Bengali phonetic typing
  • Mouse-based Bengali typing
  • User-editable dictionary support for phonetic typing
  • Keyboard macro support
  • Avro converter
  • Online support forum for products
  • Dual interface mode
  • Auto-correction support

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or above

Processor: Intel Dual Core or AMD Dual Core Processor 3 Ghz

RAM: Minimum 1GB

HDD: Minimum Free Disk Space of 1GB

Video Graphics: AMD or Intel Graphics

How to Download and Install Avro keyboard for Windows 7

Follow the below steps to download and get the Avro keyboard running on your Windows 7.

  • Download Avro Keyboard installation file on our website
  • During download, you’ll be prompted to Select Save or Save.  Select “Save” for the program file to be saved in your Downloads folder. Or, select “Save as,” to choose your desired location to save it.
  • Once downloaded, run the .exe file to initiate the installation
  • Carefully read through the provisions of the service, and then select Accept and install.
  • Once installed, the Avro Keyboard will appear on your desktop. Click on the icon to launch the application

If after installation, it prompts you to reboot your PC, please do so.

Final Word

Avro Keyboard is a feature-rich and flexible virtual keyboard program. It is totally customizable and user-friendly with loads of sophisticated features and typing automation tools you probably never imagined! You will hardly find these functionalities on other virtual keyboard apps out there. It even gets better knowing that it comes at no cost.

To sum things up, Avro Keyboard is no doubt a must-have for people in need of writing in Bangla, as it helps to make communication easy. This application has helped users around Bangladesh to type faster and more efficiently than ever before.