Need To Host Meeting Seamlessly? BlueJeans Download For Free [2023]

In the digital era, we are surrounded by technology as it simplifies our work. Along the same line, BlueJeans is a cloud video conferencing platform that smoothens the official meeting. It offers great utilities, including in-meeting controls, screen sharing, preferences change, Chat, and many more. So, if you want to try the advanced video conferencing tool, you must go with BlueJeans Download for Free.

A Quick Introduction to BlueJeans

BlueJeans is not new in the digital world; its presence can be seen on various online platforms such as the Web, Apps, and many more. It is a cloud-supporting application that directly runs on the browser and enables you to access meetings or conferences effectively. However, BlueJeans App is also available, which supports Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android Operating Systems.

Now, let’s see what features you will get in this software and also the BlueJeans download process, step-by-step.

Top Features You Can Access After BlueJeans Download

BlueJeans offers ample features to showcase your presence in video conferencing; detailed information is provided below. Grabbing this information will help you to access this utility effectively, either in the cloud or on your device.

Meeting Controls

The control of the camera, audio, and others during the meeting is significant as the same enables you to run the meeting seamlessly. Here, in BlueJeans, you can control your camera, and through this, you can mute your camera as well as a microphone.

In addition, a Moderator (just like a group admin) has many controls in the meeting; he/she can leave the group, mute and unmute other participants, and edit the names.

Being a general participant in BlueJeans, you can check the people who are talking, can gather call details (including the network), and can change the video layout.

Screen Sharing

In most meetings, the employee has to show the work progress through documents, which becomes very difficult in an online platform. But thankfully, BlueJeans offers a screen-sharing feature, and by using it, you can share your live screen with other participants.

The usage of screen-sharing is straightforward, as the icon is provided at the top of the menu bar but ensure that this feature is applicable before the start of the meeting.

So, before joining the meeting, you will get a few options, i.e., share the screen, join with phone audio, or with video. If you select the screen-sharing option, you can share your documents with other participants.


The chat feature is quite interesting as it enables you to communicate with other participants in the meeting. The icon for the same is provided at the top of the menu bar, so you can easily access it.


In the Apps section of BlueJeans, you will find a wide range of utilities, such as White Board, Annotation, Facebook Live, and Workplace. These features will enhance your meeting experience, and the same usage is effortless.

Looking For BlueJeans Download Process? Step Inside

The downloading and installation process is simple, but for your convenience, the detailed method for the same is listed below.

  • Click on the BlueJeans download button provided on this page. The file size is small, so it will be downloaded in no time.

Download BlueJeans For Free

  • Next, move to the download folder, where you will find the BlueJeans icon and double-click on it.

Download BlueJeans For Free

  • Soon, an installation window will open, and within no time, it will be finished.

Download BlueJeans For Free

  • Thereafter, BlueJeans will launch and will ask how you would like to join the meeting, select the one you prefer and click on the Save & Continue button.

Download BlueJeans For Free

  • Next, the sign-in page will appear, and if you don’t have an account, create one by clicking on ‘Sign up to host a meeting, or you can also choose the ‘Join As Guest’ option.

Download BlueJeans For Free

  • If you join it as a guest, you will find the small window at the left corner of the page where you have to enter the meeting ID and password.

Download BlueJeans For Free

  • Now, attend the meeting seamlessly using BlueJeans.


Is BlueJeans Freeware?

BlueJeans is free to download the software, but you can access the features for a limited time and after the end of the duration, you will have to purchase the product. So, if you want to grab the comprehensive features of this tool free of cost, BlueJeans download for free is an ideal option.

Is BlueJeans Software Safe?

Yes, BlueJeans is safe software, and millions of users trust it. So, you can use it without worrying about any security threat.

What Are BlueJeans Used For?

BlueJeans is a cloud-video conferencing and also comes in an app that enables the users to access the meeting effectively.


If you also looking for software to host a meeting, BlueJeans is there for you, as it offers a wide range of features. In this tool, you will get such elements that are beneficial for the presentation in the meeting, such as Annotation & Whiteboard. Furthermore, Facebook Live is an exclusive feature, and Workplace is an outstanding one that enables you to connect with the company’s events and news feed. To get this tool, just click on the BlueJeans Download button given here, and you are ready to go.