Download Cain and Abel for Windows 7/8/10.1 [2023]

Download Cain and Abel for Windows 7/8/10.1 [2023].

Cain and Abel is an unprecedented password recovery tool designed specifically for the Windows Operating System and written in Assembly language. It employs different methodologies to enable the recovery of login credentials. For instance, monitoring and capturing all the data packets passing through the network, cracking passwords with brute force and dictionary attacks, decrypting protected traffic, capturing VoIP calls, and analyzing all the protocols used in the network.

Apart from that, its user-friendly interface lets the users recover their lost usernames and passwords for email and file servers. Leveraging its password-cracking methodology, it can recover passwords for cookies, caches, hidden files, and windows servers.

On top of that, Cain and Abel not only recover lost passwords, but they can recover usernames, screenshots, preferences, files accidentally sent to the desktop Recycle Bin, timestamps, email dates, and many more. Cain and Abel are primarily designed for the Windows platform and enable users to crack passwords using the most up-to-date password-cracking algorithms. 

Since the software release, Cain and Abel have been boasted as an ultimate security tool that lets users decrypt and decode passwords for offline and offline programs. The developers aim to serve users who often forget passwords of their daily-used apps on their desktop PC.

Above all, Cain and Abel are equipped with potent decoding and decrypting tool.

Furthermore, to make the process of password and data recovery easier for the user, Cain and Abel unleash advanced algorithms and WinPcap to monitor network activity during the transmission of passwords while providing additional security for your passwords. 

cain and abel

Technical Details


Last Update


5th November 2014




Massimiliano Montoro






Operating System


Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.


File Size


7.9 MB




103, 197.


Latest Version


Cain and Abel 4.9.56


How to Download and Install Cain and Abel for Free

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Although Cain and Abel can flawlessly recover and protect passwords, the entire app won’t consume beyond 10MB of space. Although Cain and Abel sound like a single application, you must download both of these utilities separately. 

Cain Is a desktop application that lets the user decrypt any password.

On the other hand, Abel I Window NT-based utility that protects the password in transit between the local servers. 

You can easily download the utility by clicking on the download button. Once you download the software, you have to install it. During installation, do not forget to disable the antivirus; otherwise, it will hamper the installation and flag this software as an infected and potentially damaging program. 

It is worth mentioning here that many tech experts categorize Cain and Abel as ‘false positives’.

Upon successful installation of the software, you can boot into the program and start exploring all it tools that are displayed in an appealing interface. The utility’s main window comprises a tabbed interface for the different tools such as Network, Sniffer, Decoder, Cracker, Traceroute, CCDU, Wireless, and Query. 

When you use this fantastic utility for the first time, its UI might look overwhelming, but you can easily figure out the password recovery process. Despite its user-friendly interface, only seasoned users can unleash its advanced features. 

You can figure out the lost password within a few seconds, which makes this app lifesaver in different scenarios. On top of that, leveraging its advanced features, users can decrypt the toughest password.

Salient Features of Cain and Label

cain and abel

  • Ability to recover locally-saved passwords of desktop utilities, social media accounts, locked folders, and many more.
  • Equipped with built-in tools to protect passwords and network monitoring transmitted via local/public networks.
  • Packed with route table utility that makes the router make efficient routing decisions. Therefore, whenever a pack is sent through the router, the routing table helps the router to find the intended IP address and the best path to reach there.
  • Equipped with a cisco password decoder to help the readers to decrypt the encrypted passwords. 
  • It harnesses RSA Secure ID multi-factor authentication technology to prevent network resources from perpetrators. Above all, it mitigates the risk without compromising the employees’ productivity.
  • Easy-to-use interface for both novice and experienced users.
  • Compliant with older to the latest Windows editions.


Why Should You Embrace Cain and Abel?

cain and abel

Studies suggest that the vast majority of PC users lack the ability to manage and store passwords properly. Consequently, they end up forgetting crucial passwords. Fortunately, Cain and Abel come to rescue these naive users. 

It doesn’t only recover the stored password from the commonly-used apps, but it deciphers any password hidden from the user with an asterisk. 

While using this software, rest assured that it won’t exploit the software’s vulnerability. The small changes it might make in your device can be easily reversed with minimal effort. 

Although it covers some security deficiencies in the standard protocols, such as authentication methods and caching mechanisms, its primary use is in recovering lost passwords and credentials from different sources. 

Cain and Abel were primarily designed for network administrators, security practitioners, students, teachers, and professional penetration testers. However, this wonderful utility is only meant for ethical purposes. The developer of this utility denies taking responsibility for those individuals who attempt to use it for mala fide intent.

Disclaimer Note

It is pertinent to know you might experience system damage or loss of data while using this program. However, the developer is not liable for any such damages.

Most importantly, sometimes avoiding such damages is beyond seasoned developers’ capability. To circumvent this threat, read the terms and conditions and License Agreements before installing this utility.