Download Cheque Printing Software for Free [2023]

Download Cheque Printing Software for Free [2023]

Cheque printing software allows you to embrace digital transformation and create a business or personal cheques. It can even fill out and print physical cheques automatically or send digital copies to an intended recipient via email or WhatsApp. Therefore, it eliminates the need to delegate the task of a cheque transferring or filling to a specific person. Thus, you can ensure optimal utilization of human resources.

Nowadays, a vast majority of online cheque printing software is equipped with bookkeeping solutions, including the mechanism for sending or receiving payment without relying on a third-party mediator to settle the transaction.

One of the primary reasons people prefer using online cheque printing software is its ability to print Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) to reduce the time spent on processing and clearance cheques. On top of that, this feature enables businesses to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of cheques, and above all, it offsets the potential threat of counterfeit cheques.

If you are accustomed to using physical cheques, you have to spend substantial money on purchasing bank stock paper. Conversely, with cheque printing software, you can create paperless cheques, send cheques digitally to your vendor, and receive cheques from the buyer.

Today, using cheque printing applications has become a norm in the payroll department of almost every company. This could be incredibly beneficial for small business owners and accountants who need physical cheques at their disposal. As a result, the unavailability of bank stock papers could not hurt their ability to continue their regular business operations.

Besides, they are 100% legal and globally acknowledged unless you comply with all the requirements of financial regulators.

cheque printing software

cheque printing software

Advantages of Cheque Printing Software

In this article section, we’ll discuss some convincing reasons and benefits of using this utility rather than pre-printed cheques. In other words, here are the returns you’ll get by investing in the cheque printing software.


If you abandon the habit of keeping pre-printed cheques, you’ll make yourself less susceptible to cheque-related troubles. Furthermore, computerized data protected by a strong password is more secure than a physical cheque.

Ease of Accessibility

When you give up using physical cheques, you’ll no longer depend on banks to send you a new checkbook in case your checkbook is finished. Instead, using the software, you can easily print as many cheques as you want when required. All you need is fully functional software, a printer and standard papers.


With cheque printing software, you no longer have to contact your bank to send you a bunch of pre-printed documents when you change your business address, trademark, or any other details closely linked with your business. All you need to do is modify the information you entered into your software earlier.

Less Time-Intensive

Once you import data into your recently launched cheque printing software, creating new cheques will be just a matter of a few clicks. As a result, you can avoid the time-consuming process of cheque creation.

Simplifies Taxation

Cheque printing software assists business owners and accounts in dealing with taxation. It doesn’t only flawlessly create and print cheques but also stores all the bills you’ve generated throughout the year. Thus, eliminating the need to track each invoice.

Increase Brand Awareness

Every business needs strong branding to outperform competitors and stay relevant. Leveraging digital solutions for cheque printing, you can place your business logo anywhere on the cheque, increasing the chances of getting noticed by prospects.

Must-Have Features in Cheque Printing Software

Due to the prevalence of cheque printing applications, it becomes difficult to identify an appropriate cheque printing software. To resolve your difficulty, we’ve nailed down some must-have features in any cheque printing software, be it on-premise or cloud-hosted.


You are likely to print cheques on blank documents and use that printed documents many times. The MICR printing capability is a must-have feature for creating bank-compliant cheques, specifically when using bank documents. Otherwise, you’ll end up facing litigations for disobeying the financial regulations.


The number of add-ons depends on the business needs. For instance, you might need cheque printing software capable of performing common accounting tasks or software that can keep a track record of all the issued and received cheques.


Importing data from other bookkeeping tools you are already using can accelerate the cheque creation process. To streamline the workflow, you must ensure that the software you purchase is compatible with the accounting tools you already have.

Cost Associated with Cheque Printing Software

The price of cheque printing software heavily depends on your business size and needs. The greater the business size and requirements, the higher the cost. 

Some utilities are 100% free but not feasible for conglomerates. However, they are considered for those running on a tight budget.

On the other hand, if you want cheque printing software tailored to your business requirements, you must spend a few hundred dollars. Before deciding to purchase any program, we strongly recommend you subscribe to its free plan first to get your hands dirty with all its features, specifically when purchasing such an application for the first time.

There are few cheque printing software that cost $795, but they can perform many other tasks.

How to Choose the Best Cheque Printing Software

Despite the prevalence of digital payment mediums, many businesses deem cheques a viable alternative to e-transfers. However, filling cheques manually is painstakingly tedious, time-consuming and prone to human avoidance. 

Unleashing the power of digitalization, businesses can avoid this arduous task and reap the benefits of programs that can perform the same task for them flawlessly. Besides, cheque printing software can be a lifesaver for those business owners or accountants who want to release payments to startups, entrepreneurs, or solopreneurs but don’t have pre-printed cheques at that particular moment.

Today many companies are developing these solutions and offering them as add-ons to their accounting application or individual software.

Moreover, some customers prefer cloud-based applications that offer widespread accessibility, but some prefer license software with both Windows and Mac compatibility. 

While selecting an appropriate application that best suits your business needs, you must look at a few key features like customizability, compatibility, scope of use, and integration.