Need To Fix External Device Issue? Download ChipGenius For Free [2023]

Is your USB device connected to the computer not working or facing problems finding the flash drive in File Explorer? Then your hunt for the solution to the aforesaid problem ends here because ChipGenius is there for you, which fetches all the technical data of any flash drive connected to a computer. Moreover, it will fix the issues related to the USB flash drive, so let’s see everything about this portable tool.

ChipGenius – A Quick Introduction

ChipGenius is the best utility to examine flash drives as it offers comprehensive information on the same, including brand, manufacturer, VID, serial number, device name, and many more. So, fetching this data means that this portable utility firm has a vast database of every flash drive from the old to the new one.

Top Features of ChipGenius

ChipGenius has many features, and before using it, you must be familiar with this portable tool so that you can access it effectively.

No Installation Needed

ChipGenius is software that runs on the computer without installation, saving time and hard disk space on your computer. So, to access this utility, you need to download ChipGenius from here and then access the executable file to launch this tool.

Simple UI

The interface of ChipGenius is simple and easy to use. It is divided into two parts; in the upper part, you can see the list of flash drives, and in the lower section, you can view the details of the specific USB device you have chosen.

Detailed flash drives information.

In general, it is hard to figure out every technical detail of any flash drive connected to a computer, including speed, installation date, and many more. But ChipGenius is a fantastic tool that offers comprehensive information on any flash drive connected to a computer. Moreover, the fetched information can be saved, too, which you can use later to fix the flash drive.


ChipGenius is compatible with any version of the Windows Operating System, so even if you have XP or Windows 11 at present, then also you can use this utility. So, download ChipGenius for free, provided on this page, and fix the flash drive issues.

How To Access ChipGenius in Windows OS?

It is a freeware software designed to fix USB flash drive issues, and it is amazingly framed, as you don’t have to install it on your computer. The executable file provided in the download folder will be sufficient to fix flash drives. Now, let’s see the process related to the access of ChipGenius.

  • Download ChipGenius by clicking on the download button provided on this page.
  • Next, move to the download folder on your PC, where the file is saved.

Download ChipGenius For Free

  • Now, expand the folder, and if the file is in zip format, then use WinRAR or another tool to unzip it.

Download ChipGenius For Free

  • Here you will find the executable file; click on it.

Download ChipGenius For Free

  • Soon, you will get the interface of ChipGenius.

Download ChipGenius For Free

  • Select any USB controller from the upper half of the interface, and you will get every detail in the bottom half of the interface.

Download ChipGenius For Free

  • Your job is done, now insert the flash drive and check all its technical specifications.


In every technical product, some common queries of the users are always there, as the same helps them to know the product more precisely. Here, some common FAQs of ChipGenius are provided below per the user’s needs and demands.

Is ChipGenius Free To Use?

This is the most obvious question the users ask because most software is not available for free. But, ChipGenius is a freeware software, and you can access it without spending a single penny.

Is ChipGenius Safe To Use?

ChipGenius is safe to use as it is checked through multiple anti-viruses and has passed them all. So, you can access ChipGenius without giving it a second thought.

What is ChipGenius Used For?

ChipGenius is used to fix the issues on the USB flash drives, and also it fetches every minute detail of the USB drive connected to the PC.


If you are using a USB-based keyword, mouse, or an external hard disk and facing a problem, then ChipGenius is the best utility for you. It will fix the issue in no time, and also, to use the same, you don’t have to install it on your computer, as an executable file will do the task.