Download Click&Clean For Free And Kickoff An Online Security Challenges [2023]

Technology is a good fortune for humans as it simplifies work and makes us live in this world comfortably. Along the same line, digital platform plays a crucial role; using this, users can access the data of any region through a PC or smartphone. But the rise of cybercrimes made users more attentive while using the internet to prevent a data breach.

So, if you are prone to the internet and unaware of upcoming online threats, including ransomware, spyware, or others, then Click&Clean is there for you. This utility secures your browsing activity by wiping out potential threats, including traces of Flash Cookies, Client-end Web SQL, and others.

A Quick Introduction To Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a free security tool that protects your PC against malware and spyware by removing unwanted applications. Moreover, it offers you complete protection while surfing the browser; it deletes URLs, cookies & caches, and browsing history in a single click.

In addition, Click&Clean runs in two modes, i.e., Automatic and Manual. In the former mode, the utility will automatically wipe out all the online traces from your browser without closing it and thus allow you to work effectively. However, in Manual mode, you can delete the selected or preferred files from your browser.

It’s Time To Look For The Utmost Features of Click&Clean

Click&Clean is security software that enables you to access the browser safely and gives additional security to your computer. It has great features, and a few of them are listed below for your solace.

Security Close Browser

With this feature, your online footprints will be wiped out by this utility after closing the browser. In short, when you are done with online surfing, and you close the browser, at that time, this feature will clear all your browsing data so that when you will come again, you will get a fresh start.

Clearing Cache With A Single Click

A cache is a temporary memory that stores online data to simplify your browser surfing activity. However, excess data storage slows down the browser, so it is recommended to wipe from time to time. But in most browsers, clearing the cache is not easy, but with Click&Clean, you can do the said task in a single click as it offers a clearing cache option separately in the dashboard.

Privacy Tool

In the digital platform, privacy is paramount, and you won’t like someone peering into your online activity. But if you go with Click&Clean, you will get a comprehensive privacy feature as it offers a Privacy tool that will prevent others from tracking your online activities.

Cleaning Modes

Click and Clean comes with three preferred cleaning modes, i.e., Low, Medium, and High. These modes are helpful in clearing data, and you can use them as per your need. These modes are located at the bottom of the panel so you can access them effectively.

In this tool, you will get some extra features that are rare in other software, such as preventing access to the history page, removal of selected items, cookies management, and many more.

How To Download And Install Click&Clean?

The Click&Clean is an add-on browser security tool that enables you to access the browser effectively as it takes control of the security features and wipes out unnecessary files from your browser. Moreover, it deletes private data too and provides you with ample privacy features. So, to download the tool, go through the process provided below.

  • First, you need to click on the download button of Click&Clean, provided on this page.
  • Next, add the extension to your browser by clicking on the Add to Chrome button.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • Soon, a pop-up window will appear on your screen regarding the permission; click on Add extension button.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • Thereafter, the extension will be loaded, and you will get the interface of Click&Clean.

Download Click&Clean For Free

How To Use Every Element of Click&Clean?

The access procedure of Click&Clean is effortless, as all the featured icons are provided on the page. All you need to click on the icon based on your action, so let’s see some of the examples

  • If you want to delete history, click on the History button provided in the dashboard.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • Another window will open, fetching the details of your browsing activities; select the items you want to delete and click on the Delete button.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • If you want to wipe the confidential details from the browser, click on the Clear Private Data button.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • To explore more about this tool, click on the Options button provided in the dashboard of Click&Clean.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • A new window will open featuring ample utilities to monitor your browser, and at the bottom, you will find the cleaning modes, i.e., Low, Medium, and High.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • If you click on the Low button, only a few items will be selected, such as Clear browsing history, Empty the Cache, Clear download history, and some items from the extra sections.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • On the off chance, you go with the Medium mode, then additional items will be selected.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • Next, clicking on the High mode will fetch a pop-up window stating that this activity will clear your saved password, click on the OK button.

Download Click&Clean For Free

  • Now, click on the Run Cleaner button located at the bottom of the interface.

Download Click&Clean For Free


The Click&Clean is a free add-on utility of a browser that secures your online activity performed in the browser. Moreover, it detects and removes malware from the computer too, so it is a powerful utility that comes with ample features to give you comprehensive security features.