Download CorelDraw for Windows 7 for Free

Download CorelDraw for Windows 7 for Free


CorelDraw is a powerful and well-known graphics designing tool in the market. This fantastic graphics software meets the regular demands of graphics designers and they can easily download CorelDraw for free and start exploring their designing capabilities. 

CorelDraw has many benefits, ranging from simple shapes and lines to intricate vector graphics used in illustrations, infographics, clipart, and logos.

CorelDraw Graphics suite 2020 is the latest and innovative product from Corel, including all the tools from its previous edition and a host of new tools. This graphics design suite is equipped with everything you need to create aesthetically appealing designs with incredible speed and confidence. 

CorelDraw is also referred to as the Corel graphics suite that includes a bitmap-image editor, Corel photo paint and other graphics-related applications.

CorelDraw’s compelling new design templates take your creativity to the next level and strengthen your designing skills; it offers 50+ practice projects. Besides, with its new scaling tools, you can scale objects with increased flexibility and accuracy.

With the latest edition of CorelDraw, you can enjoy a plethora of new features added at the behest of users to address their grievances.


Use Cases

Branding and Advertising

Creative designers prefer using CorelDraw to design brochures, GFX banners, panaflex, or posters for small, medium or large businesses. CorelDraw is equipped with tools to create stunning branding and marketing materials.

Large-Format Printing

Designers in the sign and print industry heavily rely on CorelDraw to create impressive artworks for a plethora of printing outputs. Undeniably, its potent color management and the superior prepress tool make the life of designers a lot easier.

Apparel Industry

CorelDraw comes in handy when running a business of printed t-shirts, embroidery, fashion textile, or garments. It has a host of useful tools you need to create eye-catching and impressive designs for your apparel.

Retail Business

CorelDraw is equipped with dedicated tools to help produce compelling graphics for both eCommerce websites and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Whether you are designing promotional material for your business or creating assets to boost online sales, CorelDraw comes in handy.


CorelDraw is widely used in the construction and manufacturing industry because its precision tools enable them to create blueprints and illustrations of their project.

Illustrations and Fine Arts

Leveraging the power of vector illustration technology, illustrators and artists can take their classic art expertise to the next level by producing sophisticated artworks. 

Salient Features 


Vector Illustration

Harnessing CorelDraw’s potent vector illustration tools, a simple design can be easily converted into a complex artwork. With its Contour, Blend, Envelope, Mesh Fill, and a plethora of other tools, designers can add creative effects to their vector artwork.  

Page Layout

CorelDraw is equipped with all the essential tools required to produce compelling layouts for single and multi-page documents. Moreover, to give users freedom to work in way they prefer, CorelDraw enables them to actively switch between a single and multi-page editing.


Decorate your text with an extensive list of typography tools. For instance, block shadows and contour tools allow you to add effect to your text. Likewise, you can fine-tune your fonts responsively with variable font families.

Font Management

Corel Font manager allows you to organize and customize your fonts. Moreover, with this feature, you can use your desired fonts without installing them. Additionally, its network storage feature is an extensive collection of 1000+ Google fonts, allowing you to introduce different fonts in your design faster.

Photo Editing

Unleashing CorelDraw layer-based photo editing tool, you can adjust color and tone, remove imperfections from any image, fix perspective, and perform many other editing tasks. Moreover, its artificial intelligence-based photo editing tool enables you to improve the size and quality of your image significantly.

Furthermore, you can convert your RAW images into compelling High Dynamics range by using its AfterShot HDR.

Collaboration with Other Tools

Boost your creativity with CorelDraw’s cloud-based collaboration environment and share your innovative ideas and feedback with your peers. Likewise, you can get some constructive criticism or recognition from other artist and designers.

Additionally, you’ll get comments and feedback from your clients and coworkers on your designs. Therefore, you don’t have to recreate the designs from scratch in case your client finds a subtle issue in your artwork.

Styles and Styles Sets

CorelDraw features Object Styles docker that enables users to ensure a uniform style across all the objects by managing both the style and style sheets concurrently. Furthermore, with an inclusion of this feature, designers can edit entire documents faster than ever before.

Exceptional Object Control

CorelDraw handy Objects docker grants users complete control over every document element. Eventually, they can hide, rename objects, or modify the staking order. 

What’s New in the New Edition

Faster Photo Editing

With the non-destructive stackable preset, entirely transformed Adjustments workflow, user-inspired enhancements, and many new photo editing tools, you can edit photos faster than ever with more control over the design.

Improved Learning Experience

CorelDraw provides tailored training to all its users. Enjoy personalized training material in the Docker/ Inspector section. 

Customer-Requested Features

CorelDraw encourages you to submit your suggestion and feedback at an ideas portal. CorelDraw includes all the customer-requested features in every new edition to make the platform more customer-centric.

Dynamic Asset Management

CorelDraw prevents your artwork from being copied by enabling you to share symbols across different projects with the team members. Moreover, with this feature, you can synchronize updates in real time when your team member makes small adjustments to the design.

Less Time-Consuming Typography 

In a Corel Font manager, there is an extensive collection of Google fonts that would considerably reduce users time that would otherwise have been spent on producing head-turning typography.

Enhanced Collaboration

CorelDraw streamlined the sign-in process and performance enhancements to pave the way for faster saving, opening, and sharing of creative designs via the cloud. As a result, users will enjoy a highly efficient collaboration workflow.

System Requirement


  •  Operating System: Windows 11 or Windows 10 (64-bit with the latest updates).
  • Processor: Intel Core i3/5/7/9.
  • RAM required: 8 GB.
  • Hard disk space required: 5.5 GB.
  • Devices required: Mouse, tablet, or touch screen.
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 720 at 100% (96 dpi)
  • Other requirements: An Internet connection is required to download and install CorelDraw and access some of the advanced software component and training material.


  • Operating System: macOS Ventura (13), macOS Monterey(12), macOS Big Sur (11) or macOS Catalina with the latest edition.
  • Processor: Apple M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, or Multicore Intel Processor.
  • Graphics Card: 1.2 enabled video card.
  • RAM required: 8 GB.
  • Hard disk space required: 8 GB (Solid-State Drive recommended)
  • Screen resolution: 1929 x 1080.
  • Device required: mouse or tablet.