Download DC++ for Free [2023]

Download DC++ for Free [2023]

Nowadays, internet users are desperately looking for different ways to social networking and file sharing, so an application that serves both purposes while also keeping people engaged will be creditworthy. This is where DC++ steps in.

DC++ is an application that simplifies the file-sharing process for users and enables the user to share files using the Direct Connect Protocol, whereby information and messages are sent in a text format without any encryption. 

Dc++ is a widely distributed file-sharing program that connects users to a central hub so they can upload and download files from there. On top of that, they can exchange their reviews about specific utilities with each other.

Dc++ was developed by Jacek Seika in a bid to replace NeoModus Direct Connect (NMDC). It connects the user to the peer-to-peer based file sharing network. In stark contrast to the NMDC, it doesn’t display any ads.

Today there is a multitude of clients for Direct Connect Network; a vast majority of them are DC++ modes, an upgraded edition of DC++ built at the top of the same DC++ source code. 

Some of these clients are designed for a specific community, for instance, animations sharing communities or to experiment with some new features that haven’t yet been included in the DC++. 

Since the release of DC++, a bunch of modes has been created that make the original utility more efficient.

Due to the open-source nature of the program, many users send patches that must be included in the future release; however, some features are discarded by the developers. The apparent reason for the rejection of patches is that they are not accurately coded or the feature is prone to malicious activities. 

The drawback of many community-based P2P clients is that they are not easy to grasp. Therefore, it could be difficult to harness the application’s full potential if the users don’t want to spend time learning protocols, configuring routers, and sharing tons of files. Above all, using it via VPN is not as easy as it sounds. 

Nonetheless, once you get your hands dirty with the client, your life becomes a lot easier. You’ll experience a dramatically-high download speed, your favorite movies, software, books, or whatever you want.

As a new user, you should not be overwhelmed by the settings, buttons, and random text. If you want to unleash the full potential of DC++, these small things must not annoy you.  With concerted efforts and a little bit of patience, I bet you can easily figure out all the features. 

What could be confusing for a new user is that Direct Connect is a random combination of servers (hubs) in different languages, including Russian. Consequently, intricate connectivity settings and a host of sharing restrictions will definitely affect your ability to navigate the program.

Additionally, a little chat window will appear in the top menu bar that prompts you to perform specific tasks; otherwise, you’ll be removed from the server.

With dedicated training and a little bit of patience, different features can be easily grasped.



Here are the few significant improvements DC++ has made.

  • Since DC++ has become less memory-intensive, it is faster and long queues won’t crash an entire program.
  • It allows users to connect to as many hubs as they want at the same time and search files from all of them by entering different keywords for the same file.
  • If somebody with the required file leaves the hub, downloading process will not disturb.
  • Timestamps are integrated into the chat. 
  • Bot messages won’t display new windows, and you can eradicate bot messages as well if they irritate you.

Salient Features of DC++


  • Free from ads, spyware, or unwanted software that often irritates users.
  • Open-source software so the developers can easily contribute to the software.
  • Combines multiple hubs concurrently.
  • Supports all kinds of protocols, mainly ADC and NMDC.
  • Allows you to share large files as much as you want as per the organization scheme.
  • Unleashes tiger tree hashes to ensure file integrity.
  • Allows users to search any specific hub using its file size, name, or hash.
  • Offers both automatic and manual downloading options.
  • Encrypt all private messages over the platform.
  • Enables users to divide the file into many chunks ahead of the downloading.
  • Resolves network address translation issues using the NAT-Traversal, a well-known computer network technique.

Easy Connectivity

With DC++, connecting to the hub has become a lot easier. Once you install the program, create a share directory nickname and configure total upload slots. This is a built-in public hub that assists you to identify communities that you can search by entering specific keywords.

Commands for various tasks, such as registering nicknames, are entered into the primary chatbots. With mouse-over labels, you can easily get your head around the different features of this program. Once you become a part of the right hub, finding the right hub will not be an issue.

Setup and Configuration

Ahead of using this application, you first have to set up and configure it properly. By clicking on the link provided on this page, you can easily download a cracked version of DC++. Upon downloading the program, the next step is the installation process which doesn’t require any technical guidance.

Upon launching the application, you have to define a username to connect with the platform and select the type of internet connection you want to pursue. After that, you have to configure a lot of different things before you can unleash all the features of this fantastic application. 

For instance, you need to specify the folder for file sharing and saving coupled with some other configurations that you need to complete before you can harness all the features of DC++.

Technical Details

File name DC++ 0.880 for Windows
Requirements Windows 7, Windows 10.1, Windows 8.
License  Free
Language English
Last Update 14th November 2022.



One of the convincing reasons for downloading DC++ is that hardware requirements are not significant and the PC performance will not be affected while you are downloading large files. Above all, all the tasks will complete in the required time without crashing or freezing.