Download Driver Booster 6.4 Crack For Free [2023]

Most computer users at one point may have faced sound issues, app crashing, wireless connectivity problems, or even graphic glitches, and the solely responsible element for the said issue is the driver. It is an essential component in the computer, and in other words, you can say the driver is the heart of the PC, whose prime responsibility is to run the apps smoothly. But sometimes, the driver itself faces a problem that directly impacts the computer.

For instance, if your driver is out of date or not matching with the current Windows configuration, an error will occur, and you will face this issue while running any applications on your PC. So, if you want to keep your driver up to date automatically and don’t want any crashing issues, you must go with Driver Booster 6.4 Crack.

Why Choose Driver Booster 6.4 Crack – A Free Tool To Boost Your PC Performance?

Driver Booster is one of the products of IObit, which supports more than 6.5 million devices, and this range is very large. Furthermore, Driver Booster 6.4 Crack is compatible with more than 1200 brand components. 

So, no matter whether your computer is HP, Sony, Dell, or others, the Driver Booster will support every device to keep the software updated. Driver Booster 6.4 Crack unlocks all the premium features to enhance the speed of your computer and laptop. You can immediately download it by clicking on the download button given at this page.

4 Best Features Of Driver Booster 6.4 Crack

In the digital world, most people want to wind up the task with a click, whether it’s work, system update, installation of an application, or others. It means nobody likes applications that take a lot of time to load, but the in-built driver tool of Windows takes a lot of time to update the driver. So, a powerful utility is introduced by IObit to resolve the driver issues, i.e.,Driver Booster 6.4 Crack with brilliant features.

Device Driver Doctor

Every device needs a driver which is up to date and works flawlessly, and a Driver Booster acts as a doctor and monitors the drivers and, if needed, updates the same. Moreover, it fixes the driver’s issue and enables your external (printer, speaker, etc.) device to work seamlessly. 

Update Game Ready Driver

Nowadays, most people love the PC game, but only a few know that the Game Ready Driver also needs an update. But if you have Driver Booster 6.4 Crack, you don’t have to worry about the update of such a driver as it will do it automatically so that you can enjoy the game.

Fix Broken Driver

Many times it has been observed that a broken driver creates a lot of issues in the PC, such as a slowdown of the computer, improper behavior, etc. So, to fix the broken driver, a Driver Booster is there, which does the task in no time and makes your PC faster.

Creation Of Restore Point

Restore Point in Windows is like the time machine which will bring you back to that point at which your computer was working perfectly. 

But most users forget to create a restore point as it is a manual process, but if you go with Driver Booster, it will automatically create the restore points based on the user’s behavior.

How To Download And Install Driver Booster 6.4 Crack?

The crack version of any utility unlocks all the premium elements and enables you to use its maximum features. Similarly, the Driver Booster 6.4 Crack allows you to keep all the software up to date in one place.

Now, let’s see the step-by-step process to use Driver Booster 6.4 Crack for free with the crack version.

Step 1: Click on the download button given below to have the setup file.

Step 2: Now go to the download folder, navigate for Driver Booster 6.4 Crack, and double-click on it to run on your computer.

Step 3: Once the installation wizard is open, click on the ‘Install’ button. However, if you want to access the additional components of IObit, you can check the boxes listed below the Install icon.

Step 4: In the next window, you will be offered with iTop PDF Free tool. You can select either Yes, or No, based on your preferences. And then click on the Install button to continue.

Step 5: Now, the installation process has commenced, and within no time, it will be finished.

Step 6: Once the installation process is completed you choose to Scan Now. Else you can close the wizard and launch Driver Booster directly from the icon created on the Desktop.

Step 7: At the bottom of the dashboard, you will find the Key icon beside the Activate Now button; click on it.

Step 8: Now, you can arrange for the license key and paste the same into the Driver Booster License window and after that, click on the Activate button.

What Is Driver Booster 6.4 Crack Used For?

Driver Booster is launched by IObit with the aim to offer comprehensive driver solutions to users. The product scans and fixes the driver issues and enhances the speed of your computer.

Is Driver Booster 6.4 Crack For Free?

Well, if you go to the official website of Driver Booster, you will get this product free of cost but with a limited feature. To access premium features like auto-update, create restore points, offline install network drivers, and more, you need to have a subscription plan. But, Driver Booster 6.4 Crack is loaded with full features and completely free to use.

Is Driver Booster Software Safe?

Yes, Driver Booster is completely safe, and it is trusted by a lot of users throughout the world. If you go with the reviews, you will find most people love this product because of its features and compatibility with many devices. 

Bottom Line

If you dream of having a faster computer, a Driver Booster 6.4 Crack is a good choice for you. It acts as a catalyst for drivers and works tremendously to make your computer super productive. As a result, you can enjoy better gaming, fast software accessibility even for heavy tools, and a lot more with the 8.5 available driver update utility. To get all these features, just download the Driver Booster 6.4 Crack by clicking the button provided in this article.