Download DriverPack Solution Offline for Free [2022]

Download DriverPack Solution Offline for Free [2022]

DriverPack is a well-known driver management tool that allows you to download, install, and update drivers for all hardware and peripherals. By unlocking the full potential of this quintessential software, you can fix all the broken drivers and install all the required drivers in one go.

If you have outdated drivers in your PC that are not at par with the hardware you are using, you’ll experience a precipitous decline in the performance of your system. Consequently, you’ll end up wasting your hardware resources.

Artur Kuzyakov initially developed DriverPack. In the period of 8 years, it has transformed from a small piece of software into a company. Today, more than 40 million users worldwide are using this software to configure their computers.

With time, DriverPack has become incredibly faster and smarter. This software has a huge database of unique drivers that are easily accessible from its insanely fast servers from anywhere across the world. 

In order to assist the users in downloading and installing their desired drivers with the best possible quality, they use machine learning algorithms that makes their selection process even more accurate and better. Despite all these fascinating features, the software is free to use for anyone. 

What sets it apart from other software solutions is the fact it offers multiple avenues to the users for the redressal of their device issues. Any user with little to no technical background can fix their system and ensure the optimal working of PC and hardware with just a few clicks.

As of today, the number of active drivers in the DriverPack database exceeds 1.1 million and all of them are tested and verified to ensure that is not prone to any malicious activities.

Additionally, DriverPack solution offline is suitable for these devices:

  • Bluetooth adapters/ Bluetooth headsets/ wireless earphones/ wireless speakers
  • Memory card adapters/card readers / PCI controllers.
  • Modems/ routers/ communicators.
  •  Keyboard/mouse/touchpad/trackball/gamepads.
  • Smartphones/ mobile phones / smart watches/docking stations.
  • Wi-Fi/ WLAN / wireless adapters/signal amplifiers / wireless extender / 3G and 4G devices.
  • Webcam/surveillance / action cams/baby monitors.
  • Monitors / digital TV sets / USB monitors/screens.

DriverPack solution offline

Is Driverpack Solution Offline Safe?

Although the software is safe to use on your PC, it runs third-party advertisements that seriously threaten your data. In order to stop the software from installing unwanted applications on your PC that could be potentially damaging to your system, make sure to disable these ads ahead of running the DriverPack.

How to Download DriverPack Driverpack Solution Offline for Free?

The driver manager can use this software for both personal and professional use. This solution aims to alleviate the pain of technicians as they no longer have to search and download drivers for each separate hardware individually. 

By following a few prompts, you can easily download the DriverPack solution for free. You are free to download DriverPack online, offline, and in network editions. 

With the online edition, you can only download the required driver while connected to the Wi-Fi. On the flip side, both offline and network editions don’t require an internet connection to install files.

How to Use Driverpack Solution Offline

DriverPack solution offline

Upon opening a DriverPack solution, you’ll see highlights of driver updates that will be executed. You will then be prompted to press a green button that is located in the middle of the screen that automatically sets up the required driver.

You can perform the same task by clicking on the ‘Expert mode’ button at the bottom of the screen next to the gear icon. ‘Expert mode’ always informs you about everything that is being installed on your computer. The user interface is categorized into four main sections. Besides, on DriverPack, you’ll find a separate tab for driver, software, security, and diagnostics services.

Diagnostics’ section will provide you with complete information about your PC specs. Complete details of hardware and software will be at the top of this section. 

To make sure that you are viewing all of the relevant options, you can toggle the ‘view Installed and alternative drivers’ and ‘view additional drivers’ located at the right of the driver’s tab. Apart from offering an extensive library of drivers, this software will display the complete list of installed and suggested drivers for each device.

The ‘recommended’ option will emanate from the DriverPack database. You can compare the dates that are displayed at the end of each version label. The three dots at the end of each title will either allow you to install that particular driver or do more research on the internet so you can install the most appropriate and recent driver into your computer.

On top of that, DriverPack sets up a restoration point before the beginning of the installation.

The complete instruction for installing a specific driver in your computer are displayed in the ‘items to install’ list at the bottom of the page. You can actively monitor your progress in real-time with an aid of a load bar. 

Upon the successful installation of each individual driver, a completion screen will appear prompting you whether you want to install more drivers or finish the process. If you prefer updating your existing programs, the drivers’ list will be displayed on the right side of the program.

Features of Driverpack Solution Offline

Easy Installation

This software allows you to easily install all the required drivers into your PC with just a few clicks which in turn leads to better resource and time management.

Update Drivers

Apart from installing all the required drivers, you can update your existing drivers and fix the corrupted drivers with this application.

Tested and Proven Drivers

DriverPack is a huge collection of drivers that are already running on millions of computers worldwide.

Fast Scanner

DriverPack is 100% safe and incredibly fast. Leveraging its smart machine learning algorithm, it can identify all the devices that need either a driver or an update of an existing driver. 

Additionally, it updates its database consistently in order to prevent its library of drivers from becoming obsolete. Moreover, if the driver becomes outdated, they are more prone to a security threats. 

Safe to Use 

DriverPack is equipped with malware scanning and removal tools that not only protect your computer but also identify the vulnerabilities in your existing application.

Compatible with All the Devices

As we had already discussed DriverPack has a larger database of drivers that can be run on almost any computer regardless of its processing ability or other specs.

System Requirements for DirverPack Solution Offline

Processor Pentium 4 or above
Memory required 512 MB RAM or more
Hard Disk space required At least 100 GB of free space is required for the online edition.
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 11 (Both 34-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems)


 File Details

File Name DriverPack solution
Latest Version 17.10.14
Size 663.41 MB
License Freeware
Last Update June 13, 2022.
Developer Artur Kuzyakov


Driverpack scans your system to deliver the most appropriate driver from its database. Since its inception, it has been translated into 45 different languages, notably English, Greek, Norwegian, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, and Arabic. 

Its freeware edition allows you to use your device more efficiently. Before you make any changes, the software automatically creates a restoration point to help prevent any mishap.