Download DS4Windows By Jays2kings For Free [2023]

In the digital world, games are highly demanded because people love to play them. But some games support Windows, PSP, and other platforms. So, cross-linking becomes very difficult. For instance, if you have Sony PSP 4 controller and want to use the same on PC to play a game, then you will need a powerful utility in the form of DS4Windows by Jays2kings.

So, if you have a DualShock 4 controller or another and fail to connect the same on your PC either through USB or Bluetooth, then don’t worry because the only solution to the above problem is DS4Windows. In this article, you will get to know everything about DS4Windows, including the downloading and installation processes.

A Short Introduction Of DS4Windows By Jays2Kings

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings is a portable virtual emulator that controls the PSP from DualShock to Nintendo Switch Pro. In short, it tricks the computer by creating a replica of a controller and thus enables you to access the PSP games on PC effectively.

The utility maps the PSP controller of any game, and its inbuilt features enable you to configure the game controls as per your desire. Moreover, DS4Windows is a free and open-source application that is easily available on the digital platform. 

What Are The Features Of DS4Windows By Jays2Kings?

DS4Windows comes with ample features and gives you full authority to configure the game controls. Here some of the best features of this application are provided below, so just have a look to savor this utility effectively.

Supports Multiple PSP

DS4Windows can map various PSPs, including DualShock4, DualSense, JoyCon, and others. So, no matter which PSP controller you are using, with this utility, you can play PSP games on your PC.

Help You To Access A Wide Range Of Games

We all know that developers mostly launch the game for PSP, but many users want to access the same on PC. DS4Windows supports such users and allows them to savor those games on their PC through the controller. Now, you can enjoy the latest games directly on your PC with this utility. 

Modifying Options

The application comes with advanced elements, and one such is the game control configuration. Using the same, you can customize the game controls as per your wish to enjoy the game effectively. 

In addition, there are many more features of DS4Windows, including the controls of lightbar color, Gyro Controls using a Mouse, Automatic Profile Switching, and others. 

How To Download And Install DS4Windows By Jays2Kings?

The download and installation process of this application is very simple, but before moving ahead, ensure that you have the latest version of Microsoft.NET Runtime. Now, let’s see the detailed method which is provided below.

  • On this page, you will get a download button of DS4Windows by Jays2Kings; click on it to initiate the process.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Download Free

  • Next, move to the download folder and then unzip the file.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Unzip File

  • Once the folder is unzipped, step into it, and you will find the DS4Windows icon, click on it.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Setup

  • Now, provide the path to the application to save the profile; either you can go with the Program folder or Appdata. But it is recommended to go with the Program folder option, so click on it.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Program Folder

  • Thereafter, the DS4Windows installation page will appear, and here you need to install some drivers, so start with ViGEmBus Driver.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Installation Wizard

  • After clicking on the ViGEmBus driver install button, an installation wizard will appear; click on the Next button.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Installation Steps

  • Select the path to save the file and then click on the checkmark to agree with the terms and conditions.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Continue Installation

  • Now, click on the Install button to begin the installation.

Free DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Download & Install

  • Once the installation is done, move to the dashboard of DS4Windows. Now connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth to your computer, and soon you will find it in the DS4Windows Controller section.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Dashboard

  • Thereafter, click on the Profile tab located at the top of the menu bar, and configure the game controls as per your need.

DS4Windows by Jays2Kings Access

So, these were the basic steps to download and install DS4Windows By Jays2Kings. However, at the time of driver installation (ViGEmBus), you will get additional driver options, such as HidHide, and FakerInput. These are the optional drivers, and if you want to install them, then you can go ahead or else can skip them.


Is DS4Windows By Jays2Kings Free?

DS4Windows is an open-source application and is completely free for users. So, you can access the same without spending any money.

Is DS4Windows Software Safe To Use?

Here, the download link of DS4Windows offered by us is completely safe to use as it is scanned through multiple antiviruses, and the application passed all the tests. So, you can grab this tool from here without worrying about any viruses.

What Is DS4Windows By Jays2Kings Used For?

DS4Windows By Jays2Kings enable users to connect the controllers to the PC and allow them to play the game effectively on a PC. Earlier, Sony’s PSP DualShock4 was in huge demand, but it didn’t support Windows. So, many Windows users fail to access their favorite game on PC, but the launch of DS4Windows helped them to play the game. 


DS4Windows By Jays2Kings is an advanced application that supports many PSPs, including DualShock4, Nintendo Switch Pro, and others. Furthermore, it is a handy tool and does not consume more space on your computer, so you can easily download and install it on your PC.