Download DU Recorder for PC for Free [2022]

Are you a video editor, a video blogger, or just an ordinary video editing and video recording fan, one tool that will be a walk in the park for a smooth recording and streaming experience is the DU recorder for PC. 

DU Recorder is an exclusive screen recorder software that can be installed on your computer, Android, and iOS devices. This program enables you to record everything and anything appearing on your screen including movies, gameplays, live shows, video calls, video tutorials, etc., and save them locally. 

It gets even better knowing that this software allows its users to fundamentally alter the video by blurring, trimming, merging multiple videos and images, and even erasing pieces of the recorded video that you would rather keep away from your viewers.

DU Recorder for PC Free Download

The DU recorder for PC is a freeware application that allows you to share your activities with your friends on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc. Alongside the visuals, it also allows you to record audio. DU Recorder provides a high-definition, smooth recording, and streaming experience.

It is important to note that the DU recorder application was originally developed to be used on android devices. Thanks to android emulators, they can be installed not just on mobile devices but on PC. DU Recorder is also compatible with both Windows and Mac PC. 

Easy To Use Screen Recorder 

The DU Recorder for PC is simple to use and does not come with time limits for recordings. This means users can record and stream for as long as they need. This program does not require a web association and as such clients can use this anyplace or whenever they need to. 

Key Features of DU Recorder

Let us briefly take a look at the features that make DU Screen recorder stand out from the crowd.

Screen Recording

One of the primary purposes of DU recorder, as the name suggests is for recording gameplay videos, video calls, online videos, and so on. This software allows you to enable the facecam (front camera), and also pause and resume screen recording as much as you wish.

The notification bar contains tools that will help you in controlling your screen recording and hide the floating window so you can get a frameless video.

Video Editing

As much as you can create quality videos through screen recording, you can also edit the videos into something better, as per your wish. The DU recorder for PC comes with amazing editing capabilities. You have capabilities such as trimming (removing a section of the video) and merging multiple videos into one.

Additionally, you can adjust the volume of the video, and add music to the background of the video. You can also easily crop unwanted sections of the video, change its speed, add an intro and outro, and subtitles to the video.

Live Streaming

DU Recorder features an in-built tool for screencasting, thus allowing users to stream and broadcast their screen to online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook ad Twitch. Users can also live stream screen gameplay videos, films, TV shows, sporting events, etc.

This tool also comes with amazing Livestream capabilities. You can control who gets to see your Livestream and who doesn’t via the privacy settings. You have access to real-time comments on your Livestream and even much more.

Image or Screenshot Editing

This is strictly a photo editing feature that helps you to improve the output of your screenshots. This is made possible through the use of the notification bar or a floating window. After taking screenshots, you can stitch them together into one, you can crop them as per your wish.

You can even blur the image(s) if there are parts you would rather cover and hide from your viewers. Similar to video editing, you can easily crop out unwanted sections of your image.

Other notable features include:

  • HD video supports different resolutions, bit rates, frame rates, etc.
  • Paused recording
  • Enable the front camera during the recording
  • Record external sound with ease
  • Control the recording process with ease using the floating window or notification bar
  • Hide the notification bar at will
  • Save recordings in internal storage or SD card
  • GIF maker for converting the recordings into GIFs
  • Stop the recording by simply shaking your device

Pros of the DU Recorder for PC

  • The DU recorder is a free software
  • Screen recording with a DU recorder is very easy and seamless
  • Video and image recording with DU recorder are high quality
  • DU recorder allows for limitless screen recording
  • DU recorder does not require root permission of your device to run

How to Download and Install DU Recorder

As mentioned earlier, there’s no official software for DU Recorder for PC. DU recorder is primarily a mobile, but can also be used on PC with the help of an Android emulator. One of the top android emulators around is BlueStacks.  

  • Download the BlueStacks Android Emulator from our website and then install it.
  • Once installed, go ahead and initialize BlueStacks. This will require using an active Gmail account to log in. Once set up, the interface looks like a tablet on the screen of your computer
  • With the help of the emulator, go to Google Play Store and type DU Recorder to search for the application.
  • Once you find the DU Recorded on Google Play Store, opt to install it. The app will download and install on the BlueStacks emulation
  • Once installed, you can lunch and enjoy your screen recording

Final words

There you have it on how to download and install DU Recorder for PC. DU Recorder Download for PC is no doubt the best solution for users looking to record and share their on-screen ideas with others. 

With DU recorder, you can record high-quality videos, capture screenshots, edit images and videos, live stream, and share your screen records anywhere you like.