Download Gboard for PC for Free [2022]


Gboard for PC is an official Google app that makes use of artificial intelligence to improve your typing experience. This is a very popular and in fact the latest keyboard app among android users around the world. It has a unique set of features that helps solve typing problems. 

Originally, this Keyboard app was produced just for Google Android and iOS users but is now possible to install on PCs with the help of Android emulators. Thanks to an android emulator, this wonderful keyboard can be used on a PC. 

This Google keyboard app comes with an in-built dictionary and provides useful functions such as autocorrect, spelling, and predictions for the next word. There’s nothing special in using the app; it is just easy and fun to use and navigate. It even gets better knowing that it is free to download.

Typing can be Fun with Gboard for PC

Gboard for PC generally does what all other keyboard apps do, but with a few significant improvements. It will make your typing easy and faster. The Gboard for PC is a great way to make typing fun as it allows adding GIFs, Emojis, and more to your text.

The fun even gets a lot better with features such as swipe typing, multilingual typing, Google translate, and Handwriting. Users can also choose between different types of themes to change the keyboard layout as per their wish.

Key Features and Benefits of Gboard for PC

Gboard for PC is one of the most loved keyboard applications for a reason. It has helped users around the world to type faster than ever before. It is equipped with sophisticated features you will hardly find on a lot of other keyboard apps out there.

Let us take a look at some of the basic features of Gboard.

Glide Typing!

This is the basic distinctive feature of the Gboard app. As with the typical keyboard apps, lifting your fingers while typing every letter can be quite painful and time-consuming, especially if you do so for a long period. However, with features such as Glide Typing, you can simply complete a word by sliding from one letter to another. How easier can it get with typing?

Voice Typing! 

The convenience Gboard offers is so amazing. Thanks to the voice typing feature, you can type long sentences on your device or system without even actually typing a word. All that is required is dictating the text and then you watch the keyboard type the letters itself without any effort from you.

Handwriting Styles!

It is natural to be bored with the default font style of regular keyboard apps. This issue has been duly settled by Gboard for PC. Gboard makes it possible for you to write in printed letters as well as in cursive. This feature, no doubt makes typing fun and visually appealing.

GIFs, Stickers, and Emoji Search!

The use of Emojis, stickers, and GIFs in our texts has in recent years become a trend. They are another way to add fun to your typing. These elements have become a common way to show your emotions when having a text-based conversation with a person on your PC. Gboard provides an option to search for your favorite GIFs and Emojis.

Multiple Languages & Google Translate!

Gboard for PC makes it so easy to chat with someone, even when his/her language is unknown to you. This Google app supports multiple languages and provides Google Translate options, all within the keyboard app. Users can type in their languages and directly translate them into another language with ease!

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or above

Processor: AMD or Intel Processor

RAM: Minimum 4GB

HDD: Free Disk Space of 5GB

How to Download and Install Gboard for PC

The Gboard application is primarily an android application but can run on computers that have Android emulators installed in them. One of the most common android emulators available is Bluestacks. However, there are times when you will encounter download errors on Google Play. At such times, you can download using Gboard apks from a trusted source.

Gboard for PC (Windows)

  • Download the android emulator (e.g BlueStacks) from our website and then install it.
  • Once installed, go ahead and initialize the emulator. This will require using an active Gmail account to log in. Once set up, the interface looks like a tablet on the screen of your computer.
  • With the help of the emulator, go to Google Play Store and type Gboard to search for the application.
  • Once you find the Gboard app on Google Play Store, opt to install it. The app will download and install on the emulator.
  • Once installed, you can launch and enjoy your typing

Gboard For PC (Mac)

The procedure for downloading and installing Gboard on Mac is similar to that for windows:

  • On your PC Mac, download and install the android emulator and then initialize it as you did for Windows.
  • With the help of the emulator, go to Google Play Store and type Gboard to search for the application.
  • Once the Gboard app is found on Google Play Store, go ahead and install it. 
  • Once installed, you can launch and enjoy your typing.

Gboard for PC (Using apk File)

In case you get an error while downloading the Gboard app from the play store, you can use the below procedure. Similar to previous methods, the first step is always to download, install and initialize the android emulator. You can choose to skip the google sign-in process since you will be using the apk file of Gboard to install the app.

  • Download a Gboard apk file
  • Drag and drop the file on the android emulator to install
  • Once it is installed, this keyboard app is ready to be used on your PC as discussed in previous methods.

Final Words

As you can see, typing could be less stressful and much more fun when you use the right Keyboard. Gboard for PC gives its users a good experience by improving their typing speed and fluency. Overall, Gboard is a useful app for people who do a lot of typing all day long on their PC.