Download Google Camera For Windows 7 For Free [2023]

Google Camera is one of the superior camera apps available so far online. It is the ultimate software developed by Google LLC to enhance the camera experience for users. From time to time, the developer has made many changes in this software that exclusively supports pixel phones that run on Android OS. But if you want to experience the best photography and looking to download Google Camera for Windows 7, then here is a simple hack.

Though Google Camera or GCam comes supports limited devices, you can still enjoy its features on your Windows 7, 8, 10, or even 11. So, let’s first see why Google Camera stands out of the crowd. Further, we will learn to download and install the google camera for windows 7 with easy steps.

Top Features of Google Camera

Super Res Zoom

You might have often seen that even after clicking pictures using a high-definition camera, it starts to pixelate after zooming in a lot. If you are facing the same issue, Google Camera will solve it with its stunning Super Res Zoom that sharpens your pictures when you zoom in.

Night Sight

If you love exploring the night beauty while traveling or want to capture a perfect photo at dine-out, Google Camera can come in handy. The Night Sight features allow you to capture images with details even in too-dark places. The Google Camera can help you to take clear pictures of the Milky Way or the objects that are situated too far from you.

Motion Mode

Probably there would be any camera app that can compete with Google Camera in terms of capturing motion pictures. With Google Camera, you can capture super smooth quality videos even while running, riding, or driving. 

HDR+ With Exposure & White Balance Control

The ultimate feature of Google Camera is that it allows you automatically balance the colors while taking pictures. The HDR+ is an AI-enabled feature that automatically balances the white colors and helps you take stunning photos or videos even in places having dull lights.

Top Shot

As the name suggests, Google Camera allows you to save the picture when no one is blinking, and the surroundings are just perfect. It automatically recommends you the top shot to capture when the camera angle, face, background, and the whole circumstances match to save the best moment.

How To Download And Install Google Camera For Windows 7 For Free?

Officially, the Google Camera APK file is supported on Pixel devices that are running on Android version 12 or above. So, if you want to install it on your Windows 7 PC or laptop, just need to play smart to tweak the system. 

There would be two things needed to enjoy the ultimate features of Google Camera on Windows 7. One is the Google Camera setup file, and the other one is a simulator tool to allow your Windows 7 to access the APK file.

Now let’s follow the simple steps to access Google Camera on your Win 7 in no time.

Step 1: Click on the Download button given on this page. You will have the setup file of Google Camera for Windows 7 with just one click.

Step 2: Now arrange for the best Android Emulator to have installed on your Windows 7 PC, like MemuPlay, BlueStacks, etc. Here, we are taking BlueStacks for demonstration.

Download Google Camera For Windows 7 For Free

Step 3: Launch the BlueStacks and then go inside the System Apps section and further navigate to ‘Media Manager’.

Download Google Camera For Windows 7 For Free

Step 4: Once you come inside, click on the ‘Import from Windows’ option.

Download Google Camera For Windows 7 For Free

Step 5: Now, your file browser will be open. Here, you need to upload the downloaded Google Camera for Windows 7. Please refer to Step 1 to recall the process for downloading GCam with a click.

Download Google Camera For Windows 7 For Free

Step 6: The uploaded file will show there; just select the Google Camera file and proceed to install.

Congrats! Now you are ready to explore the full features of the Google Camera application to capture beautiful snaps and moments powered by machine learning technology.


Is Google Camera For Free?

Yes, downloading and using Google Camera is absolutely free. Also, this open-source camera app gives full access to all features.

Is Google Camera Software Safe?

Yes! Whether you download Google Camera for Windows 7 or any other tools from this site, it is 100% secure and safe from any kind of suspicious activity.

What Is Google Camera Used For?

Google Camera can be used for multiple reasons, including video recording, photo capturing, reel creation, wildlife photography, cosmic photography, YouTube video creation, vlogging, and more.

Additionally, you can use Google Camera to find information with the help of pictures. You can identify the product if something is not clear in the image and identify the name of people, birds, places, or any objects if you don’t know.


The revolution in technology has always given new ways of managing things, and the same goes for Google Camera. If you dream of capturing images and videos that should look as real as you can see with bare eyes, then GCam can solve your problem. And the best part is, you can use it on a smartphone as well as on a PC. So, just click on the Download button given below and get the free setup of Google Camera for Windows 7 now.