Need To Enhance Computer Security? Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free [2023]

Microsoft is a leading firm in the IT sector, offering a wide range of products for its users, including MS Office Suite, Edge Browser, Microsoft Lens, and many more. Microsoft Safety Scanner is also available on the list, which offers protection for your computer against malware or unwanted software. So, if you want to secure your computer, you must go with Microsoft Safety Scanner, and this article covers every element of this tool. So, let’s check it out.

A Quick Introduction to Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a freeware tool launched by Microsoft to offer additional security to users. It does not replace the existing antimalware or another antivirus. The safety scanner performs the task behind the curtain where the existing antimalware fails to do so.

In addition, it has been noted that, sometimes, antivirus gets disabled automatically due to the presence of rogue malware. And at this point, if you are still using unverified software, there is a high chance of the attack of viruses. So, to prevent such a scene, you must go with antimalware in the form of a Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Top Features of Microsoft Safety Scanner

The antimalware software offers excellent features; knowing the same will help you utilize this product effectively.

  • The package comes with updated signatures to remove any potential and latest malware from your computer.
  • The product is an add-on security tool that does not affect the performance of an existing antivirus.
  • Microsoft Safety Scanner is a portable utility that can be accessed easily and can even operate from a USB flash drive to remove malware from a computer.
  • It offers three scan features: Quick, Full, and Custom. In a quick scan, the tool will look into the system memory and registry files. However, in the Full scan, it will scan all the files present on your computer. The custom scan enables you to scan a particular file or folder.
  • In Microsoft Safety Scanner, an important usage point is there, i.e., the signature expires after 10 days, which means you will have to reinstall the tool again to remove malware from your computer.

How To Download And Install Microsoft Safety Scanner?

If you are facing a problem accessing any file or folder or even in the internet connection, then there is a high probability your computer is affected by malware. So, to remove it, you need strong antimalware, and Microsoft Safety Scanner is ideal for you. Now, let’s see the downloading and installation process of the said software.

  • On this page, you will get the Microsoft Safety Scanner download button; click on it.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free

  • Now, move to the download folder, and here you will get a software file icon stated as MSERT, click on it.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free

  • Next, a license agreement page will appear on your computer screen; ensure to click the Agree button and then click on the Next button.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free

  • A welcome page of Safety Scanner will appear; click on the Next button.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free

  • In the next window, you will get the scan options, i.e., Quick, Full, and Custom. Select the one per your preference and click on the Next button.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free

  • Microsoft Safety Scanner will start scanning your computer files and look for potential malware, spyware, and unwanted software.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free

  • Once the scanning process is done, you will get the scan report. If everything is fine, click the Finish button, and if you find any malware in the report, don’t panic because the tool has already removed it from your computer.

Download Microsoft Safety Scanner For Free


Is Microsoft Safety Scanner Available For Free?

Yes, this tool is entirely free to use, but due to the signature expiration in 10 days, you will have to download this utility again on your computer.

Is Microsoft Safety Scanner Safe To Use?

Yes, this software is safe to use as it is launched by the leading IT firm, i.e., Microsoft, whose products are trusted and verified.

What Is Microsoft Safety Scanner Used For?

Sometimes, the antivirus fails to detect the potential malware, and as a result, working in such an environment can be dangerous for you as your data can be breached at any moment. So, in this situation, Microsoft Safety Scanner is best for you as it is an add-on safety product that detects and removes potential malware in no time.


Currently, the rate of cyber fraud has increased exponentially, and data beach has become common. But securing your credentials, including finances, should be your top priority. So, to fight against cyber criminals, a potent weapon is needed: a Microsoft Safety Scanner. This software scans every file and folder and removes the malware and spyware on your computer. Moreover, it is free to use, so you can grab it anytime based on your needs.