Download Netspeed Meter for PC for Free [2023]

Netspeed Meter for PC

The state of your internet connection is of great concern because it controls what kind of activities you can do on the internet. You want to avoid the frustration caused by random disconnects or slowdowns during internet use. To help fix this and more connectivity issues, you need an Internet Speed Monitoring App such as Netspeed meter for PC. 

Net Speed Meter is a free utility that helps you check and monitor your internet connection and speed. This internet monitoring tool, developed by Florian Gilles, helps to identify network connectivity issues affecting your internet speed. It does this by displaying basic information about your internet connection that can enable you to spot issues as they happen.

The NetSpeed freeware program monitors and displays the bandwidth use and speed of incoming and outgoing network traffic. Amongst other information, the program allows you to measure network latency or delay, and determine the working state of your network adapter or router.


Keep Track of Your Network Activity

Netspeed Meter for PC

We have all at some time in our lives faced a problem with internet network and speed and didn’t know how to resolve the problem. That no longer has to be the story with the Netspeed meter. This program is a great tool for keeping tabs on your internet network connection in real-time. 

NetSpeed meter monitors the values of the speeds of your upload and download. You also get to see all the inbound and outbound connections of your system. This application displays the values of bytes per second that your PC is both uploading and downloading.

Expose Network Intruders

Monitoring your network speed every now and then comes in handy in exposing anything that is unduly or misusing the internet bandwidth without your knowledge.

Whether you want to download some files, work remotely, play online games, stream movies, or surf the internet, Netspeed meter will help identify and avoid several network issues. It even gets better knowing that this tool helps you to manage restrictions and limitations in bandwidth. It also helps you in figuring out the befitting time to peruse heavy websites.

Small and Lightweight

The idea of such a program was necessary because Windows does not itself come with any integrated tool that monitors the speeds (upload and the download) of Internet connection. The software works on all versions of Windows including Windows 8, 8.1, 10, & 11, and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

NetSpeedMonitor is a small and lightweight application. It consumes less space and yet effectively measures the download and upload traffic generated by your internet connection, and displays real-time statistics.

Simple and User-friendly Interface

Netspeed Meter for PC user interface

This is a simple, yet handy program designed to help you keep an eye on certain important parameters related to your network connections. The controls are simply organized on the interface for easy access. Even if you are using it for the first time, you will have no trouble understanding its functions and how to operate the program.

The app’s main screen is nothing fancy. Once installed, the app will sit in your taskbar tray displaying the upload and download speed of your Internet connection. Right from the taskbar, the application gets to show you information about your connectivity. How convenient? It operates discretely from there until when activated for some advanced use.

Key Features and Highlights Of Netspeed Meter for PC

  • Easy to use
  • Open source
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Find and fix internet issues quickly
  • Outbound and inbound network monitoring
  • Upload and download speed monitoring
  • Analyzes the ISP
  • Jitter and ping display
  • Safe download
  • Free access
  • Generates traffic reports
  • lightweight
  • Traffic logging
  • Real-time Internet speed display
  • Data usage check
  • Internet network speed test
  • Save test results for future reference

System Requirement

Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP

OS: 64-bit and x64

Processor: Supports all

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard Disk: Minimum of 200 MB free space

How To Install NetSpeed Monitor On Windows

Step 1: Download the installer file on our website

Step 2: Start the installation process

Once the download is completed, double-click on the downloaded installer (NetSpeedMonitor_Install.msi) file to initiate the installation process.

Netspeed Meter for PC installer

Sometimes, it might show an “operating system not supported” error. 

Netspeed Meter for PC setup

Not to worry, you just need to double-click and run the program in compatibility mode.

Step 3: Launch the application

Once the installer is launched, hit “Next” as will be prompted multiple times until the installation is finished. Once installation is finished, launch the application

Step 4: Configure the Netspeed meter interface 

Select the appropriate adapter that you want the app to display the upload and download speeds for.

The configuration screen should look something like the below:

Netspeed Meter for PC configuration screen

Ignore options 1 and 3 as they are, and tap on option 2 to select your network interface. 

For example, if you are using the internet over a wifi connection, the adapter to select is the one with the word “Wifi” in it. If you are using a LAN cable internet connection, your network adapter will have the word “Ethernet” in it.

Step 5: Enable NetSpeedMonitor Toolbar

Once the network interface configuration is completed, it is time to configure the taskbar to display the network speeds.

To do so, right-click on an empty space in your taskbar area, and select “NetSpeedMonitor“ via the “Toolbars“ menu

Netspeed Meter for PC toolbar menu

There you have it! You should now be able to explore the taskbar for download and upload speeds of your network connection.

Final Word

There you have it with one of the best network speed monitors – NetSpeedMonitor. NetSpeedMonitor is no doubt an amazing free application that displays your connection speed status and a handful of other useful statistics, at all times. 

NetSpeedMeter comes in a non-intrusive and plain interface. This makes it very easy to navigate the application, and you can always have access to more information by hovering your mouse over the toolbar or activating it to access other advanced features.