Download PopSQL for Windows for Free [2022]

PopSQL for Windows

Data is the backbone behind every significant business growth. It empowers an enterprise to make informed and verified decisions. To organize and secure these data, with SQL as lingua franca, you need a very efficient database management visualization tool. One of the recommended good pieces of software to use is Popsql for windows.

PopSQL is an SQL editor for Windows developed in order to provide a more streamlined environment for writing and visualizing data. This software provides a fun way to simultaneously collaborate and work on multiple database management tasks. Plus, it allows for effortless sharing of every query or results via simple URLs.

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PopSQL will help keep track of database content and ensure data is accessed in an orderly and automated manner. It provides a beautifully designed SQL editor for data-focused teams looking to improve data accuracy, saves time, delivers business insights fast, onboards new hires faster, and of course, saves time.

PopSQL for Windows as a Database Management Software is generally employed for the following functionalities:

  • Queries
  • Data Search
  • Monitoring
  • Creation (Development)
  • Performance Analysis
  • Database Conversion
  • Data Migration
  • Data Replication

PopSQL for Windows Free Download

POPSL for windows Free download

PopSQL for windows is a priceless value for beginners, as it takes no specific expertise other than basic SQL knowledge. The program is free for basic features and functionalities, but if users want more advanced and sustainable service, they will need to opt for its premium version priced at about $199.

It doesn’t take a great deal to get started with this utility, all that is required is a download and install the software, and undergo a small login procedure with the help of (using) your Google credentials.

Comprehensive database management is possible with the help of the extensive menu bar components of this editor. Some of these menu bar components include:

Query: With this tab, users are able to query available data and also import stored data in the PC.

File: This option helps users to view the different preferences concerning their database and what format they want the results to be displayed in – wide or narrow. It also helps one to open and exit a tab, as well as exit from the application.

Edit: This function helps you edit the database schema, and revert to any point in time when you make mistake. You get to perform functions such as redo, undo, cut, etc.

View: This tab allows users to make changes to the view of the editor. You can perform functions such as autocomplete and toggle full-screen.

Help: This is where you find the documentation part of the SQL software and provides a guide on SQL and how to operate the editor.

Easy to operate

This editor is straightforward and easy to operate, and it executes the SQL commands very fast. Thanks to the likes of the auto-complete feature, things just got way easier and time-saving. Users can easily extract specific data from the database in a readable format.

With this software, team leaders and supervisors can create and share a library of queries, SQL statements, charts, or other relevant data, using deep links. Organizations can configure access permissions for specific queries, highlight certain code errors, and complete SQL statements automatically.

Works with Different Databases

POPSL for windows database

The PopSQL is not just an interesting SQL management tool, but a versatile one that allows for collaboration on the same database projects between members of a team in real-time. The application works with very known databases such as Microsoft SQL, MemSQL, MySQL, BigQuery, Cassandra, and Redshift.

With PopSQL, data can be transferred between file formats and storage types or upgraded to the current version of database software. If you are a data scientist, data engineer, and data analyst who is interested in a collaborative SQL editor streamlining data analysis and discovery, and sharing insights with your teams? This tool is for you.

Simplified Interface

POPSL for windows user interface

One of the high points of PopSQL is its simplified interface. This feature allows even less experienced users and beginners to use it effectively. Thanks to a simplified UI, users can search for required data or pieces of information easily and systematically.

The workflow inside the app looks closely like that of Google Docs, which makes it easy to get into. If you are just learning the ropes of database management, this application is for you. PopSQL makes it very easy to get up to speed and run certain code from the text editor; you simply click the line and run it.

Cross-platform Compatibility

The PopSQL software is compatible with most Windows platforms, such as Windows 7,8, and 10. It runs very smoothly and it does not require any form of frequent monitoring and examination. Also, the software is lightweight and will not consume so much space in your system. 

Features of PopSQL for Windows

PopSQL offers a wide array of interesting features to help users collaborate efficiently.

  • Data synchronization
  • Data connections
  • Data visualization
  • Data storage management
  • Data migration
  • Forecasting
  • Key performance indicators
  • Data extraction
  • Data replication
  • Dashboard creation
  • Database support
  • Database conversion
  • Performance analysis
  • Performance metrics
  • Relational display
  • Predictive analysis
  • Third-party integration
  • Ad hoc query and analysis
  • Access controls and permissions
  • API

System Requirements

Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP

OS: 64-bit and x64

Processor: Supports all

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard Disk: Minimum of 200 MB free space

How to Download PopSQL for Windows

  • Download the PopSQL from our website. Bear in mind that during this process you will be prompted to sign up directly or with your Google account. 
  • Once downloaded, click on the .exe file to initiate your setup. Follow the prompts that follow to download the editor.
  • Once the editor is downloaded, click on the same which will direct you to the PopSQL’s main page.  This page contains the editor’s main content and how to operate it.

Final Word

PopSQL is no doubt a great SQL management tool that will help manage multiple databases simultaneously and efficiently. Members of any team can easily run queries, visualize and share their results. Managers and their teams can collaborate in real-time on database projects.

The application boasts impressive features and support for some very well-known database types. It also boasts decent data visualization and SQL editing capabilities. This is an excellent tool for users still learning the ropes, thanks to Google Docs-like and its super-convenient environment.

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