Download SuperPuTTY for Free [2022]

Download SuperPuTTY for Free [2022]

SuperPuTTY is a GUI-based Windows application primarily used for tab management and designed specifically for the PuTTY SSH client. PuTTY, is an open-source application that could run those programs that are meant to be used on the guest OS.  Although it facilitates the seamless transfer of network files, it doesn’t come with a tabbed interface, so only tech-savvy users can navigate through it.  Consequently, users who are only accustomed to the Windows operating system cannot use it comfortably.

To satiate the users and fill the market gap, SuperPuTTY offers a unique solution. It does not only execute the PuTTY commands but provides users with unmatched Window management.

Although SuperPuTTY covers all the shortcomings of PuTTY, it lacks the support for the cryptographic network protocol SSH or Secure Shell Protocol. This network protocol allows users to operate network services hassle-freely over the network.

Additionally, SuperPuTTY’s compelling and user-friendly interface enables users to insert a PUTTY terminal within a Window. What is more exciting about this excellent application is that it allows users to run pscp.exe to transfer and receive the desired files from the remote host. Moreover, local terminal sessions can begin with MinTTY. 

Despite all these excellent functionalities, SuperPuTTY does not perform terminal management on its own because PuTTY performs this task more efficiently.



System Requirements for SuperPuTTY

Users have to purchase MIT’s software license to use this open-source networking client. By acquiring this license, users can use this application for commercial and non-commercial operations. 

Before you decide to embrace this application, here are some system requirements you need to know:

Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system)
Server Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or the latest for both 32 and 64-bit operating system
Supporting Application The PuTTY SSH Client


How to Download SuperPuTTY for Free

SuperPuTTY is developed using the C#, high-level and multi-paradigm programming language with a host of compelling features. Since it supports Secure Copy Protocol (SCP), this application allows users to transfer and receive files from the remote host.

Moreover, users can download the latest and ready-to-use version of SuperPuTTY using our link. On top of that, the source code is available in the GitHub repository.

Install SuperPuTTY 

Once you download the SuperPuTTY, you need to install it on your PC. Fortunately, it comes with an installer to eliminate the difficulty users experience while installing any software.

Furthermore, since it comes as a ZIP file so the users have to extract it to a folder or drive where they want to save this application. It is imperative to know that an application must be unzipped to a directory that doesn’t mess with the version number because the correct version number is necessary for the proper functioning of this application.

For instance, the directory looks something like this – “C:\SuperPuTTY\SuperPuTTY-v1.2.08.”

Regardless of the edition users downloaded, extracted files will look something like this:

  • License.txt
  • SuperPuTTY.exe
  • README.txt
  • SuperPuTTy.exe.config
  • WeinfenLuo. WinFormsUI.Docking.dll
  • Log4net.dll
  • ReleaseNotes.txt
  • SuperPuTTY.pdb
  • Themes


Aside from the compelling GUI interface, there are a host of other fascinating features that increase the creditworthiness of SuperPuTTY. The most prominent of them all is its support for network file transfer protocol, RAW protocols, and Telnet. Other fascinating features include the export/import of session configuration.

What is SuperPuTTY Used for?

Upon successfully installing the application, users are asked to specify the location inside a disk where this phenomenal application will be stored. Furthermore, SuperPuTTY has extended support for PuTTY Secure Copy (PSCP). Eventually, users could easily transfer or receive files from another system after opening a command terminal inside a Windows OS.

Additionally, while specifying a PUTTY’s path, users can define a PuTTY executable path..

Once users complete the procedure mentioned above, they can manually connect with the server by entering the hosting credential at the top menu bar. Once the users successfully execute all these steps, they can easily transfer/receive data to the session manager.

With SuperPuTTY, the creation of new sessions is simple and easy. All you need to do is to select the preferred PuTTY session and hit the ‘New’ option. While creating a new session, enter its complete details and hit the ‘Save’ option.

Besides, PuTTY offers a host of configuration tools to its users, like the ability to save profiles and connection settings.

Nevertheless, profiles, once created with PuTTY, cannot be edited. If the users want to edit them, they have to use SuperPuTTY. Thus, SuprPuTTY always complements the PuTTY.

Although PuTTY allows users to create and customize sessions, novice users might not be comfortable with this application. Therefore, PuTTY provides an improved clickable user interface that can handle multiple sessions concurrently.  

Compelling Features of SuperPuTTY

One of the most distinguished features of SuperPuTTY is it allows users to manipulate tabs. Leveraging the power of this excellent feature, users have the freedom to place open connections anywhere on the screen. Moreover, users are not only allowed to switch slides of the tabs to the right, left, top, or bottom, but split the toolbar tab completely.

Its advanced features help users compare multiple screens simultaneously without shifting the tabs. As a result, users could easily shuffle the direction of the tabs. All they need to do is to left-click and drag the tab. While dragging the tab of the SuperPuTTY program, a color screen appears suddenly. 

Accessing SuperPuTTY Via Command Window

SuperPuTTY primary setting file is also referred to as “SuperPuTTY.Setting” and has a direct relation with the USERPROFILE variable. Visit the USERPROFILE directory if the file is not available at an expected location. We strongly recommend never attempting to mess with the default settings of the settings file.

Nevertheless, if the users still want to make a slew of adjustments to the settings file, they can use the ‘Tools’ option located in the menu bar.

That being said, users are free to move the settings file to a location where an application excitable file is stored. To figure out the location of the settings file, users can type the following command on the command line Window:


Furthermore, users can perform runtime configuration of an application. To perform such tasks, users have to access advanced settings; accessible via an application ‘SuperPuTTY.exe.config’ located in an application directory. 

Maintaining the default settings without making any noticeable changes is strongly recommended. By default, SuperPuTTY only allows advance users to play with the settings.

Interestingly, users can launch the application from the command window by writing the following command in the command line terminal:

SuperPuTTY.exe – help.

Eventually, users don’t have to allocate all the system resources to the SuperPuTTY and they can run multiple other operations concurrently.


Undeniably, SuperPuTTY is a phenomenal software that has the capability to perform many complex tasks simultaneously.  Moreover, it makes the user experience more exciting by allowing them to save profiles and perform tab management.