Hunting For An Action-Packed Game? Download Total Overdose for PC For Free [2023]

Total Overdose is a full-action-packed shooting game that gained massive popularity due to its outstanding storyline, graphics, and shooting modes. It supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Xbox, and PlayStations. Moreover, in this game, you can drive cars, Military SUVs, Tow trucks, and many other vehicles. 

If you have played the Grand Theft Auto game series, you will love Total Overdose, as it shows some mirror images of the GTA game. Now, let’s see everything about the Total Overdose game, including the features, the procedure to download Total Overdose for PC, and many more.

A Quick Introduction to Total Overdose Game

Total Overdose is a third-person shooter game released in 2005 featuring the background of Mexico City. In this game, you will find three characters, Ernesto, Tommy, and Ramiro, but the most popular one is Ramiro, and while playing the game, you will love this character.

Download Total Overdose for PC For Free

The game shows the revenge, the agent’s role, the dominance of drug mafias, and a single person kicking the mafias out of Mexico City. Moreover, you will get multiple shooting modes in the game, such as slow-motion (shot dodge), loco moves, and others. The slow-motion moves enable you to shoot enemies effectively.

The Storyline of Total Overdose

The story starts with a DEA agent, Ernesto Cruz, who is hunting for the drug mafia, Papa Muerte. But he failed to accomplish the mission because he was thrown out of the plane by colleagues. Thereafter, Ernesto’s son Tommy comes into the picture to find the real reason behind his father’s death. But he got injured due to a grenade explosion, and later on, his younger brother Ramiro took this job to wipe out the drug mafias.

Download Total Overdose for PC For Free

In this game, you will get the essence of 18 different environments, from streets to the Mexican desert. Undoubtedly, you will love this game because of the game features, hilarious moves, and ample weapons.

System Requirements to Install Total Overdose for Free

The matching of the game input to the system is a must, as the same enables you to download Total Overdose for PC and run the game effectively. 

  • The Windows supporting platform is 7/8/10, and the processor must be 1.8 GHz.
  • The minimum RAM needed to run this game on a PC is 512 MB.
  • The minimum hard disk size should be 2GB. 
  • If you have DirectX 9 or above, the game will run smoothly on your computer.

Top Features of Total Overdose Action Game

In this game, you will find various features, and a few of them are provided below, which will help you to play the game effectively.

  • The game offers a wide range of weapons, and you can kill your enemies by using them.
  • The moves are the best part of the game, involving slow motion, loco, and others. Such moves will help you to tackle your opponent effectively.
  • The vehicles are the next thing to be noted in this game, as you will get loads of vehicles, from cars to forklifts. Moreover, using the vehicle, you can ramp on your enemy and even burst the truck.
  • The game’s graphics are outstanding as they cover various environments that will change your mood while playing the game.

How To Download Total Overdose for PC for Free?

The downloading and installation process of the game is straightforward, and for your convenience, the steps are mentioned below.

  • Click on the download button provided on this page and move to your download folder once the process is done.
  • In the downloading folder, you will find the setup file; click on it.

Download Total Overdose for PC For Free

  • Thereafter, you will find the installation wizard of the game, select your preferred language and click on the Install button.

Download Total Overdose for PC For Free

  • The installation process of Total Overdose is commenced and will be finished in no time.

Download Total Overdose for PC For Free

  • Once the above process is done, click on the Finish button.

Download Total Overdose for PC For Free

  • Now, move to the Desktop and click on the Total Overdose icon to launch the game.

Download Total Overdose for PC For Free


Is Total Overdose Available For Free?

The Total Overdose game offered here is free, and you don’t have to spend a single penny to access the same.

Is The Total Overdose Game Safe To Use?

The Total Overdose game is safe to use as it is scanned through multiple and trusted anti-viruses. So, you don’t have to worry about your computer’s safety; download Total Overdose for PC from here and enjoy the game.

What Are The Supporting Platforms For The Total Overdose Game?

The game supports Windows, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStations. You can effectively access the game if you have any such gadget.


Total Overdose is an outstanding third-person shooter game where you will get 20 different weapons to shoot enemies. If you love shooting games with excellent graphics, download Total Overdose for PC from here and enjoy your day.