Download Xournal for Windows for Free [2023]

Xournal for Windows

Technology is gradually changing the way people get things done, even when it comes to an activity such as taking down notes. Developers have come up with so many applications for taking notes in a way that makes it more effective and efficient. One such application (that has done a decent job in this regard) is the Xournal for windows.

Xournal for Windows is simply an application for taking notes, with the help of a keyboard, mouse, or tablet pen. This can be likened to your regular notebook and comes with different types of paper such as blank, standard lined, and squared.

Xournal for Windows comes with an intuitive user interface. The interface displays all pages in the journal in two modes: either one-page mode (on a single page) or continuous mode (below each other). Entries for switching between modes are contained in the view menu.

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Enhance your Note-taking

Xournal for Windows note taking

Xournal is a cross-platform and open-source software for note-taking. This means it can be downloaded and used at no cost (free). This program was originally created for Linux systems, but it’s now possible to run on Windows. It is also lightweight and takes up less space than most similar software.

Apart from getting different types of virtual paper every time you launch the application, it also provides you with the tools you need to take down notes on that piece of paper. This is generally similar to your regular windows notepad.

Easily Navigate the Journal

By default, the application comes in a continuous mode, which is best suited for note-taking on multiple pages. The one-page mode is recommended for journaling that takes the form of a scrapbook, where the characteristics of the pages are different (for instance, annotating a series of different-sized pictures).

Making Complex Notes with Layers

All note-taking, drawing, and sketching operations will be taking place within a single layer, without affecting the background. The layers can be thought of as transparent overlays. The topmost visible overlay is where drawing and erasing always take place.

Layers help to accommodate temporary annotations on top of a journal page. bear in mind that these layers are so logically separated between themselves such that when you erase the top layer, it will not affect the contents of the other layers; also, the top layer can be discarded with ease. 

Numerous Customization Options

Xournal for Windows customization options

Xournal for Windows provides options for customization where users are allowed to select their desired layouts. The program also allows you to customize your page setup (like specifying the page size) to your style and personal needs.

Typical to any journal, xournal is composed of one or several pages, of which you are allowed to modify their characteristics, and you can do so independently of each other. Each page is made up of a background and then layers stacked on top of it (the background).

Intuitive UI and Creation Tools

Xournal for Windows creation tools

Xournal for Windows is an easy-to-use software for notetaking, keeping a journal, and sketching using a stylus. The objective of the program is to provide overall functionality and superior graphical quality.  It is only natural that it comes with an intuitive interface.

Features of Xournal for Windows


This is a feature that enables users to paint line segments instead of curvy strokes. This is a special operating mode of the pen and highlighter tools employed as a ruler.

The shape recognizer

This is another special operating mode of the pen and highlighter tools and attempts to recognize geometric shapes when drawn. It is able to recognize various shapes such as line segments, rectangles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and arrows.

PDF annotation

Among others, Xournal is used to annotate PDF files. It does this by loading the PDF file pages as backgrounds for a journal. You can load your desired PDF file into an empty or new journal using the “Annotate PDF” command in the File menu. The backgrounds and size of the page automatically correspond to the contents of the PDF file. 

Handwritten Notes

Note-taking with Xournal for Windows is not limited to just the keyboard. It also supports physically writing notes by hand or with a stylus. The program will in turn convert to text. It also comes with numerous formatting options, colors, and so on.

Drawing Tablet Support

Again, it takes more than just a regular keyboard to get the most out of this program. Functions like sketching are only limited to devices like tablet pens. Otherwise, Xournal supports the use of input devices such as external drawing tablets.

Undo and Redo

This feature allows users to track changes and revert back to any point in time. This toolbar option is very useful when you discover any mistake made. As such, you can undo and redo all operations performed on any open journal at will. 

Other features include:

  • Different types of drawing tools and stroke styles 
  • Fill shape functionality
  • Shape resizing and rotation
  • Support for image insertion
  • Customizable toolbar

Xournal System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher

RAM: Minimum of 1 GB

Hard Disk: Minimum of 50 MB

How to Download Xournal for Windows

Getting started with this application is easy. Thanks to its innovative feature known as “2p”, users can download on their PC Free and without the need for application registration or to sign in. All you need to do is to upload the Xournal application to your PC, and you can download the desired file anytime without any delay.

The following should guide you:

  • Download xournal for windows installation file on our website
  • Once downloaded, run the .exe file to initiate the installation
  • Follow the prompts that follow to download. Be careful to read through the provisions of the service
  • Once installed, the xournal app will appear on your desktop. Click on the icon to launch the application


Final Word

The Xournal for Windows is simply designed with very innovative features to make it easy to create handwritten notes, sketch images, edit PDFs on your PC. It’s free to download, lightweight, and comes with an intuitive user interface for easy navigation and use.

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