Download Zoom Meeting for PC for Free [2022]

Video conferencing and remote working have no doubt become a staple for holding both business and casual meetings, especially following the coronavirus breakout. Most private and government organizations now consider video conferencing as an ultimate solution to connect with people such as customers, employees, partners, and so on.

There are lots of video conferencing tools out there, but one that stands out in the crowd is the zoom meeting app.

What is Zoom Meeting for PC Software

Zoom meeting for PC is essentially a tool that allows small, medium, and large-size teams to virtually and remotely interact with one another. As a virtual platform, it helps more than two users with a secure connection to keep in touch and operate broad meetings.

This platform provides an HD video conferencing facility with real-time messaging, high-quality video and audio calls, or real-time massaging. Zoom meeting for PC is a very crucial tool for performing basic functions such as setting schedules and starting meetings.

It even gets better knowing that such a feature-rich application is free to download. You can also be rest assured that it is 100% safe & secure from all forms of threats and viruses. With zoom meetings for PC, users can, without any hassle host video and audio calls. All that is required is an active internet connection and an email ID to log in.

This platform offers group video conferencing, web meetings, combine video calls, mobile phone collaboration, and web chat.

An Easy-to-Use Online Meeting Tool

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use online meeting tool, then Zoom Meeting for PC is the way to go. This application provides an easy-to-use user interface (UI). In a matter of seconds, users can, with the help of an internet connection, set up video conferencing to connect virtually. 

Fostering Connection Across the Globe

The Zoom meeting for PC app software has over the years become the go-to way for people (individuals and teams alike) to connect virtually. The app makes it so comfortable to work remotely and keep in touch with family and friends. Thanks to its robust host controls and simple collaboration tools, users can host meetings of up to 100 people in a go.

Features of Zoom Meeting for PC

You are now well aware of the Zoom meeting for PC; you might also want to be aware of its amazing features. Even in a flooded market, this platform has been referred to as the leader of video conferencing tools for good reasons. More than just being rich with features, it is very fast reliable, and easy to use.

Listed below are some of the essential features of the application.

Collaborate Across Any Device

Zoom meeting for PC allows you to arrange virtual meetings and you can in turn allow anyone to join and share their work. The tool is easy to use and is compatible with any device – from desktop, PC, to mobile. All you need is an internet connection.

Use from Any Device

No matter your type of device, you can use the Zoom meeting software to host and even join hosted zoom meetings. Zoom Meeting for PC easily syncs with any device.  The app delivers streamlined video conferencing across devices such as mobile, desktop, and Zoom-for-home devices.

Robust Security

Zoom meeting for PC offers robust security settings so that its users can have their meetings free of disruptions. The application allows users to password-protect meetings and conferences to avoid intruders/uninvited persons. Zoom meetings for PC also intend to provide an end-to-end encryption option for users to enable and disable manually and at will.

Collaboration Tools

Zoom meeting for PC comes with lots of collaboration tools to enable participants to share their screen simultaneously. The application also allows for co-annotation to be meeting more interactive.

Unlimited One-on-One Meetings

The free plan of Zoom gives you unlimited one-on-one meetings. This same free plan allows you to host as many as 100 participants per group meeting. The only downside here is that the meetings can only last for 40 minutes.

Recording and Transcript

Zoom meeting for PC allows you to record your meetings, whether locally or in the cloud. Also, it allows you access to transcripts of your hosted meetings by search. Bear in mind that there are limitations to this feature with the free plan.

System Requirement

Operating System: Windows 7/ Mac 10.9 or later

Processor: Single-core 1Ghz or Above

RAM: Minimum 1 GB 

HDD: Minimum free disk space 500 MB

Internet Connection: Wireless/Broadband (3G/4G/LTE)

How to Download and Install Zoom Meeting for PC

One of the good things about Zoom Meeting for PC is that it is easy to download and set up. Getting started with this application doesn’t require technical knowledge. Ten minutes is more than enough and you will be ready to get started with hosting your meetings. 

  • Download Zoom meeting for PC application on our website
  • Once the download is complete, click on the .exe file and follow the setup instructions to initiate the installation process. 
  • Once installation is complete, you will be required to log into your Zoom meeting account. 

If you don’t have one yet, you can set it up through the Zoom meeting website. Once logged in, you can use the application start using it for all your online meetings and video calls.

Final Words

Zoom meeting for PC is no doubt an excellent choice for video conferencing, whether for personal or professional use. It is so popular around the globe because it’s inherently safe, convenient, and easy to use. 

Zoom meeting for PC serves as a meeting point for managing remote meetings through the internet. It won’t require you to sign up or sign in to join a meeting. You only do all o that when you want to host, so you can generate and share your link with other participants.