Download Hashcat For Windows For Free [2023] – The Most Powerful Password Recovery Tool

Hashcat for Windows is the most powerful utility to break complex passwords. It is a command-line application that retrieves the password based on the hashes. The hash is a process of converting plain text to string text, known as a hash value which contains the combination of alphabets and numerals.

The password that you create is a hash value, and Hashcat reverses the cycle and turns the string text into normal text. In operation, the application calculates the hashes of the plain text and then compares them to the other files storing the hashes, and if there is an exact match, it means the password is cracked. 

So, if you have forgotten your password to your Windows User Account, Excel, or others, download Hashcat for Windows, as it is the perfect choice for you. It is an open-source application and supports multiple Operating Systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

What is Hashcat?

Hashcat is one of the fastest password recovery tools with ample algorithms to calculate the hashes. Moreover, password recovery depends on the clock speed, and if it is faster, then the hash operation will also be faster, and vice versa. It works when your computer has different video cards, such as NVIDIA, AMD, and others. 

The hashes algorithm in the Hashcat is mostly in the form of MD5, WHIRLPOOL, NTMLv1, RipeMD, and many more. The inbuilt elements of this application break the password, and they are dictionary attacks, brute-force attacks, and rainbow tables.

What Are The Features Of Hashcat?

Hashcat for Windows is a unique password recovery application that works on the command line to perform the hash operation through multiple algorithms. It has several features, and a few of them are provided below.

Supports Ample Hash Variants

In password generation, a lot of combinations are applied, and cracking the same becomes almost impossible. But, Hashcat comes with powerful algorithms and supports more than 200 hash variants, which means this application can even break complex passwords.

Applicable For Multiple OS

Hashcat supports major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, so that users accessing any such device can use this application. Hashcat is a command line application and executes smoothly on all three OS, whether it’s a command prompt, Terminal, or Kali Linux.

Open-Source Application

Hashcat is an open-source utility that can be accessed by anyone, and the original codes of the application can also be used by the users to develop any software. 

In addition, you will get other features too, such as operation based on multiple algorithms, hex-charset and hex-salts supported files, advanced attack modes, and others. 

How To Download Hashcat For Windows Free?

The downloading process is very simple, and it’s a command-line application, so there is no need for any installation. Now, follow the steps to download and know the basic commands to use Hashcat.

  • On this page, you will find the download button of Hashcat for Windows; click on it to start the process.
  • The downloaded file is in zip format, so unzip it.

Free Download Hashcat for Windows Most Powerful Password Recovery Tool

  • Next, open Command Prompt, and for that, click on the Start button, type command prompt in the search bar, and then choose run as administrator.

Hashcat for Windows Launch as Administrator

  • Now, you will have to put the path file of Hashcat on the command prompt; for that, type cd and then paste the path file, just shown in the example.

Cd C:\Users\navsm>cd C:\Users\navsm\Downloads\hashcat-6.2.6

Hashcat for Windows Commands to run setup

  • Now, you can run various commands on the command prompt to recover the password. For instance, if you want to check the benchmark to know the decryption rate, type hashcat.exe -b

Hashcat for Windows Installation Process

  • If you want to know about the elements of Hashcat, type hashcat.exe -h in the command box and hit the Enter key.

Hashcat for Windows Download & Setup Command

  • Now, perform the Hashcat commands to recover any forgotten password.


Is Hashcat For Windows Free?

Hashcat is an open-source application whose original codes can be accessed by any user for free cost. And to use it on your PC, you don’t have to spend any money. 

Is Hashcat For Windows Safe?

Hashcat is completely safe to access on Windows or other Operating Systems. Here, the file which is provided on this page is scanned through multiple antiviruses, and the same passed all the tests successfully.

What Is Hashcat For Windows Used For?

Hashcat is undoubtedly an advanced application that recovers the forgotten password of a Windows User Account or others. It performs the hash operation and fetches the authentic password, thus helping you to access your OS effectively.


Hashcat is an outstanding and powerful password recovery tool that can figure out any complex password. The algorithm of this utility is advanced in nature and fetches the best result in no time. But to access the same, you will have to play with the commands, so if you are ready with this, go with Hashcat for Windows.