Free Download Weather Widgets For Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with desktop gadgets, but all the versions of this OS do not come under this shed except Windows Vista. The gadget comprises the calendar, CPU meter, feed, weather, and many more and enables users to work effectively in their specific location. The weather widgets for windows 7 are quite popular as it shows the forecast of the local, regional, and international weather. 

The weather widgets Windows 7 helps you to know the weather condition of your region, and as per that, you can figure out your outing task. In addition, this widget is customized in nature, which means you can change the display at your convenience. 

Why There Is A Need For Desktop Weather Gadget For Windows 7?

In the digital world, you can find several weather apps to find the weather conditions of your locality. Moreover, Microsoft’s MSN also offers the weather feature on the homepage. But to see the weather update, you will have to explore MSN or another web browser which consumes a lot of time. 

Weather desktop gadget Windows 7 fetch the most authentic weather reports in no time. It collects data from several sources, including popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In addition, it will fetch a comprehensive weather report, including humidity, precipitation, temperature, cloud cover, and others.

What Are The Features Of Weather Widgets For Windows 7?

The weather widget for desktop windows 7 provides ample features to users so that they can work well. Moreover, if users know the weather forecast, then they can plan their outdoor activities effectively. Now, let’s see what other features you will get through the desktop version of weather widgets windows 7.


Weather gadgets on Windows 7 can be customized, and you can set the same as per your desire. Here, you can customize the display using a wide range of themes, colors, and other elements. 

Weather On The Go

Well, it sounds a bit crazy, but the weather desktop gadget windows 7 made it possible. Whenever you open your laptop, you will find the accurate weather of that particular region. Moreover, you can set the weather of any region as per your need to get the weather update of that region. 

User-Friendly Interface

Windows 7 desktop weather gadgets are user-friendly, and the interface is quite smooth. Thus, it enables a mere novice to access this widget easily. All you need to do is to set the location, and within a short time, you will get the weather update of your selected region.

In addition, the display menu is quite handy and covers ample elements, such as theme features, Add to favorite, and many more. On the homepage of the weather widget, you will find the weather forecast of your selected region based on hourly and daily. 

Comprehensive weather widgets for windows 7 Details

The desktop weather gadget for Windows 7 offers comprehensive weather reports, including wind speed, air pressure (barometer reading), Air Quality Index, Dew Point, Visibility, and many more. So, if you have information on visibility, then it will help you to drive a vehicle effectively; otherwise, if the visibility is very poor, better not to drive. 

How To Use Weather Desktop Windows 7?

The use of this weather gadget is very simple, but if you are not a Windows Vista user, then you need to download this utility. The desktop weather gadget for windows 7 free download button is provided on this page; just click on it to download the weather widget.


Once the download is completed, move to the “add a gadget” section of Windows 7, and to reach there, you can take the assistance of the Windows 7 search menu. Windows 7 will launch the Gadget section; you need to add the weather gadget that you have downloaded by simply using the drag & drop feature. 

Free Download weather widgets for windows 7

Now, launch the Windows 7 desktop weather widget, click on the settings, move to the location section, and then select your location from the drop-down menu. The desktop weather gadget for windows 7 fetches the temperature result in Fahrenheit. If you want the same in Celsius, you can change it from the settings. 

Weather desktop windows 7 download for free

The theme and other customization features are available in the setting section of weather gadget Windows 7. So, dive into this section carefully and make the changes as per your need.

Wrap Up

In the present day, most people sit in front of a laptop to perform their work, and if they want to know about the weather condition of their locality, then they have to access a browser or a search engine. But weather widgets for windows 7 made this task easier by showing the comprehensive weather report on the desktop.