Download Windows Error Message Creator For Free

Windows errors are quite common and mostly annoy users because fixing the same usually takes a lot of time. Have you ever thought of creating the same message? Yes, Windows error message creator is possible, and the created error message will look exactly the same as the real one, and you can use it to trick your friends.

Such an error message can be created through Windows Error Message Creator, a portable utility with ample error codes. The usage of this tool is very simple as you will get a standard message box, and inside the same, you need to enter the error message. In addition, this utility offers a customization feature that enables you to create a custom error message.

Before moving to its download and installation process, you must be familiar with its features. Knowing the same will help you access this utility effectively.

What Are The Features Of Windows Error Message Creator?

The mentioned software is an outstanding one that creates a fake error message in no time. Furthermore, the tool comes with a wide range of features, and a few of them are listed below.

Simple UI

Windows Error Message Creator comes with a simple UI; here you will get every option to create a fake error message. It enables you to create an informatory or exclamatory message and provides dual message line input. In the first message line, you can give the name of an error and in the second one, provide the error description. 

In addition, the customization error box is also provided in the main dashboard, and here you will get many options, use them and create your own windows error message.

Creation Of Blue Screen Of Death Message (BSOD) Error

Most Windows users get stunned after watching BSOD errors on their computers. The reason is the screen turns completely blue, and you won’t be able to perform any operation. Using this tool, you can create a BSOD error and can make a prank on your friend. 

The creation of this message is very simple as in the dashboard, you will find Create button, and clicking on the same will fetch the BSOD option. After playing with a few options, you can easily create a BSOD error. However, the detailed process is provided below in the article. 

Import Presets Icons

In Window error, the preset icon plays an important role as it resembles the error in the form of an icon. In this utility, you will get a wide range of presets, but if you want to add more, you can import them. 

Creation Of A Dialog Box

Using this tool, you can create format dialogues, and after applying the effects, it will look like the real one, and it will be impossible to figure out that it’s fake.

Comprehensive Customization Feature

In this tool, you will get a lot of customization elements; after using them, you can change text, title, and headline. So, you got a tool to completely customize Windows errors as per your desire.

How To Download And Install Windows Error Message Creator For Free?

If you are ready to scare your friends using the fake Windows error message, you are at the right place. Here the download file of the software that is provided is ready to use, which means no installation process is required.

  • First, you need to click on the Windows Error Message Creator download button provided on this page.
  • Next, move to the download folder and double-click on the folder to get the extension file. 

Windows Error Message Creator Download and Install For Free

  • Inside the folder, you will get a few files; click on the Windows Error Message Creator file.

Windows Error Message Creator Installation Setup

  • Soon, the Windows Error Message Creator dashboard will appear on your computer screen. Now, enjoy all of its features and create Windows errors free of cost.

How To Use The Windows Error Message Creator?

The usage process is very simple, as all the major elements are on the dashboard. However, if you are a beginner, don’t worry, as the usage process of this tool is provided below.

  • Launch Windows Error Message Creator.

Windows Error Message Creator Wizard

  • Next, move to the box type section, click the drop-down button and select the option you want.

Windows Error Message Creator Settings

  • Now, fill in the details on every box; in message line one, provide the error name or code. In line two, enter the error details and click the Create button.

Windows Error Message Creator Options

  • If you want to create a BSOD error, then click on the Create button provided at the top of the menu bar and then select BSOD from the featured option.

Windows Error Message Creator BSOD guide

  • Thereafter, a small window will open featuring two options, move to the error code section, click on the drop-down menu and select the error code. The error name will be selected automatically based on the error code.

Windows Error Message Creator BSOD Error Creation

  • Soon, a BSOD error message will appear on your computer screen, and to exit from that screen, hit the Enter key.

Windows Error Message Creator BSOD message screen


Windows Error Message Creator is ready to use tool which enables you to create a fake error message for windows, and it will look exactly like the real one. Using this tool, you can make fun of your friend who is very possessive of his/her computer.