Free Download WinZip for Windows 7 [2023]

Free Download WinZip for Windows 7 [2023]

In today’s digital world, people don’t like to deal with huge files that occupy too much disk space, specifically if someone doesn’t have ample hardware resources. On the other hand, users face serious trouble while sending such gigantic files to others. This is where the importance of compression software like WinZip comes into the picture. 

It offers a host of benefits to the users, such as additional security and tools for encrypting compressed files. 

WinZip was primarily launched in 2004 and is packed with many compelling features; the most prominent of them is its ability to perform multiple compression tasks for heavy users. It creates archives in the ZIC, RAR, and TAR formats and allows users to extract from multiple formats.

Furthermore, WinZip supports standard encryption standards like 256-bit AES encryption and the users can transfer files directly to CDs or DVDs.

On top of that, WinZip is equipped with a PDF converter that can flawlessly convert PDF files to Word Documents or vice versa ahead of the compression. 


Apart from file compression, WinZip offers social sharing and cloud storage services. Harnessing the power of WinZip, you can merge different files into the same folder, protect them from hackers, and ensure data backup. To accomplish this task, the utility equips users with all the essential tools required to perform different options with the files.

Its user interface is simple and intuitive, with all the icons being classified elegantly so naïve users don’t face issues while archiving or extraction. Moreover, classification has all the required information, namely file type, storage location, name, and date.

Furthermore, it supports different compression methods, predominantly maximum and enhanced. Besides, it can significantly reduce file size without compromising actual data content. 

Once the compression process completes, a new window shows users all the files with their respective locations. Above all, it lets the users compare original and zipped files.

The greatest advantage of this tool is it keeps the file size at a reasonable level without requiring the user to specify file size, which is ideal for online file sharing.

WinZip is arguably the best compression tool and can flawlessly run on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.  You can continue using this utility until the trial period ends. 

You can download WinZip for Windows 7 or the latest operating system by clicking on the button provided on this page.

Salient Features of WinZip

Integration with Cloud Storage

Most cloud providers like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive allow you to zip files, upload them to the cloud, and share them with peers. All you need to do is to click on the ‘Save to Cloud’ option, select your preferred cloud server, and sign in to your account. 

With WinZip, you can directly access your cloud server. After that, you’ll get a link that you can share on any social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.


Simple Interface

WinZip comes with an interface similar to the Microsoft Office program. It has a ribbon bar that enables users to flip, unzip, and share. Furthermore, Icons for different features are categorized into parts that let the user conveniently navigate the platform. 

Below the control bar, the Create option lets the user encrypt documents, resize photos, apply watermark, and convert word documents into PDFs. Users can use the cloud option to create zip folders right from their cloud servers.

Aside from the compelling interface, the “quick access button” allows the creation of new files, the opening of old ones, and transferring of files to the cloud storage. Besides, the configurable context menu lists all the WinZip commands.

Compatible with Windows

WinZip flawlessly runs across all devices and all Windows, notably Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Easy to Access

WinZip is distributed with a shareware license for 32-bit Windows and offered to software users as a free trial for a certain period, although the free version comes with a few limitations.

Multiple Tools

WinZip is equipped with plenty of tools that allow the user to work more productively. You can customize image size using the third-party app. On top of that, you can share files via Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked, convert Microsoft Documents to a PDF files using the built-in tool PDF converter, hide metadata for security, eliminate plagiarism, and add watermarks to PDF and images. 

Additionally, the ‘tools’ option, coupled with multiple functions, allows the creation of multi-port zip files and encrypting of passwords. The ‘Performance’ scan tool identifies unnecessary and temporary files and notifies potential issues that might hurt the utility performance down the line.

Security and Privacy


To prevent data breaches while zipping, always encrypt the files and protect the encrypted files with strong passwords. Moreover, save files in a zipped folder using the AES encryption method. Additionally, you can protect your sensitive data by adding a watermark. 

WinZip is equipped with extra features to provide additional security to the users. Harnessing these features, you can scan devices for potential vulnerabilities and eliminate them with a single click.

Software Version and Pricing

WinZip was primarily launched for Microsoft Windows; however, with the passage of time, its new editions are launched for iOS, Android, and Mac. All the version of the utility supports basic to advanced compression and encryption. 

The software has three different editions: Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. Its basic edition costs around $29.95. Although it is a relatively expensive compression software, it yields stunning results with a host of compelling features. That said, you can still download WinZip for free and get your hands dirty with this utility before spending money.


WinZip is a phenomenal application for compressing and encrypting files that is widely available across different platforms. It offers an excellent compression ratio and speed. If you are still unsure whether this app can meet your expectations, consider embracing the free version of this app.