IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 Crack & License Key For Free [2023]

IObit uninstaller Pro 6.4 Crack is a handy tool to save your PC. In the digital world, cybercrime has increased tremendously; knowingly or unknowingly, we have given them space to peer into our world by installing unwanted software in the system. Such software spies each activity, including financial, personal, and others, and feeds that data to the cybercriminals, and they take advantage. 

So, if you have installed any untrusted software for any reason, you need to remove it from your computer, and this task can be easily performed by IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4. Here, you will get to know everything about this software, along with the setup file and IObit Uninstaller 6.4 key

The Ultimate Features of Cracked IObit Uninstaller 6.4 With Key

IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 is applicable for Windows OS, and it offers ample elements to speed up the OS (Operating System). It includes software removal tools, browser extension removal accessories, and others. 

The said utilities of this software work best when it is activated with the IObit Uninstaller 6.4 key. Well, that section will be discussed later; before that, you must be aware of its ultimate features, and it’s time to take a glance.

UI Dashboard

In the dashboard, you will find all the features of IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4, which includes Programs Software Health, Install Monitor, Browser Extensions Removal, Windows App Removal, and Action Centre. 

The program section of the cracked version with the IObit Uninstaller 6.4 key consists of five additional features, which are;

  1. Bundleware
  2. Logged Program
  3. Recently Installed
  4. Large Programs
  5. Infrequently used. 

Software Health

In IObit Pro Uninstaller, software health informs you whether the software is running perfectly. This section also contains ample utilities to enhance the speed of your computer. 

For instance, if you have outdated software, then it is of no use, but IObit Uninstaller Pro updates such software and reduces any potential risk. 

Similarly, there is much-unused software that gives you a headache, such as uninstallation issues, annoying notifications, and others. IObit Uninstaller Pro takes care of all such issues related to the software and enables you to work efficiently.

Browser Extensions Removal

The extensions that we use in the browser speed up our work, but there are many extensions that are harmful to our computer and, manually, it is quite hard to detect. IObit Uninstaller Pro categorizes the extensions into two parts, i.e., Trusted and Malicious. It removes malicious extensions from the browser to keep you safe.

How To Download and Install IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 With A Crack Key?

Now you are well-versed in the features of IObit Uninstaller Pro, it’s time to explore the tool. Meanwhile, you must know that the cracked version of IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 gives you complete access to all premium features without spending a single penny. 

And here are the steps to download and install the utility along with the IObit Uninstaller 6.4 key.

Step 1: You will find the download button at the top/ bottom of this page; click to initiate the process.

Step 2: Move to your download folder and double-click on the setup file to begin the installation.

Download iobit uninstaller Pro 6.4 Crack | Free iObit Installer Pro Key

Step 3: The installation wizard will appear on your desktop screen with some recommended IObit apps, make sure to tick mark the same and then click on the ‘Install’ button.

IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 Install

Step 4: Now, choose the folder where you want to install this software; by default, the selected folder will be your C drive.

Choose the path to install IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4

Step 5: Thereafter, the installation process will start, and within a couple of minutes, it will be finished.

IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 Installation Progress

Step 6: Launch IObit Uninstaller, and at the bottom of the dashboard, you will find the ‘Enter Code’ button, click on it.

Enter Code to activate IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 Crack

Step 7: Copy the License key below and paste it into the IObit dashboard window, and further click on the ‘Register Now’ button. 

Enter the registration key of IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 Crack

100% Working List Of IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 License Key For Free

  • BE4D9-E2C56-ACAAE-D48TB

How To Effectively Use IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4?

First and foremost, you need to hover your mouse over the IObit Uninstaller Pro icon, right-click on it, and further click on ‘Powerful Uninstall’.

Soon, a dashboard will appear with the utilities on the left side, and from there, you can take the necessary actions.

Steps To Remove Unwanted Applications Using IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4

Step 1: To uninstall unwanted applications from your desktop or laptop, click on the Programs section within the dashboard to get the list of installed applications.

All Programs Window of IObit Uninstaller Pro

Step 2: Now, select the unwanted software and click on the ‘Uninstall’ button. 

Select the programs to uninstall with IObit Uninstaller Pro

Step 3: During the process, you will find two options, i.e., ‘Create a restore point’ and ‘Automatically remove residual files’. You can choose the one at your convenience and then click on the Uninstall button.

Confirmation to uninstall program.

How To Remove Browser Extension Using Cracked Version with IObit Uninstaller 6.4 Key?

Removing browser extensions is a quick process using IObit Pro. Just navigate to the browser extension section from the IObit Uninstaller 6.4 Pro dashboard. Here you will find the list of browsers on the left side. 

Remove browser extension with IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 Crack

Once you select your preferred one, you will see the list of extensions on the right side. Now, select the one which you want to remove and click on the Remove button to permanently get rid of this extension from your browser.

Choose extension to remove with IObit Uninstaller Pro

Is IObit Uninstaller for Free?

IObit Uninstaller is free for users for a limited time, and to access its full features, the users need to register it using the IObit Uninstaller 6.4 key.

Is IObit Uninstaller Software Safe?

IObit Uninstaller is completely safe and is trusted by millions of users worldwide. The features are the best in the class, and people love it as the tool completely removes unwanted apps and enables the users to access the computer efficiently.

What Is IObit Uninstaller Used For?

IObit Uninstaller is software used to remove unwanted and malicious files from the computer with ease. It keeps your system clean and enhances its speed by deleting even hidden files.


If you are tired of the slow performance of your computer and need to boost it, then IObit Uninstaller Pro is good for you. You can access the trial mode with limited features and then use the IObit Uninstaller 6.4 key to get full access. Alternatively, you can download and install the cracked version of IObit Uninstaller Pro 6.4 just by clicking on the download button given at this page.