Sick Of Fixing iOS-Supported Device Issues? Reiboot Download For Free

The demand for iPhone and iOS-supported devices has significantly increased due to the features. But such devices also go through technical glitches, such as upgrade failure, black screen, touch not working, boot loop, and many more. The geeks can fix such issues, but mere novice faces many problems because they are not aware of iOS parameters, and without knowing them, it is not safe to put a hand on iOS devices. Here, once you Reiboot Download, the job can be easier.

So, if you are also facing iPhone issues or iOS-related devices, such as Apple TV, or others, then a powerful utility, i.e., ReiBoot, is there for you to resolve the issue in a single click. ReiBoot is an advanced iOS recovery software launched by Tenorshare, offering the solution to more than 150 iOS issues.

No matter whether you are facing a single issue on your iPhone or multiple, if you have ReiBoot iOS recovery software, you can fix any issue in no time. ReiBoot download, installation, and usage are elementary, and this article covers the same.

What Are The Features You Will Get After Reiboot Download?

ReiBoot recovery software can fix 150 iOS technical issues due to the presence of advanced algorithms and also it offers simple UI to enable users to fix the problem easily. Furthermore, it supports you to downgrade your iPhone software and access the recovery mode. Now, let’s see the other salient features of ReiBoot.

Easy Access To Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a place that enables you to fix the issue in iPhone or iOS-related devices. Most users don’t know how to access recovery mode as it is very complicated. But ReiBoot offers a simple gateway to enter the recovery mode of the iPhone, and you can easily exit from there.

Fix More Than 150 iOS Issues

The present market has a huge demand for iOS products due to their features. But on the same line, devices are going through many issues, and ultimately people suffer. So, considering this problem, Tenorshare launched an advanced product that can fix any problem related to iPhone or iOS-related devices, such as freezing of iPhone screens, battery life issue, overheating, and many more.

The iOS devices which can be fixed by ReiBoot are iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Moreover, this recovery software supports multiple versions of iOS, i.e., from iOS version 7 to 16.

Reset iPhone

Ordinary people mostly reset their iPhones when facing any issue, but that task is also problematic. The reason is the forgot passcode issue; if you fail to remember the same, you will have to go through multiple processes to reset your iPhone. With ReiBoot, the reset process can be done in a single click, and as a result, it will save your time and effort.

What Is ReiBoot Download Process And How To Install It?

If you have a PC (Windows OS) and iPhone and are worried about fixing your iPhone issue on the Windows platform, then don’t worry as ReiBoot software is there for you. The software supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems and is compatible with all iOS devices. Now, let’s see how to access this most powerful iOS recovery software.

  • The ReiBoot download process is very simple and to initiate the process, click on the download button provided on this page.

Reiboot Download For Free

  • Next, move to the download folder and click on it to start the installation.

Open Reiboot Downloaded Folder to begin installation

  • Soon, the ReiBoot install page will appear, ensure to check the box stating the terms and conditions and further click on the Install button.

Click on Install button on ReiBoot

  • Thereafter, the installation process will start and will be finished in no time.

ReiBoot installation progress

  • Once the installation process is done, click on the Start button.

Click on the Start button to launch ReiBoot

  • The ReiBoot window will open; now, connect your iPhone to your computer and click on the Start button.

Sync your Apple device with ReiBoot

  • Now fix the issue you are facing on your iPhone.


Is ReiBoot Recovery Software Available For Free?

Yes, this software is free, and the ReiBoot download button is provided on this page, which will help you to access this tool effectively.

Is ReiBoot Software Safe To Use?

Yes, ReiBoot is safe to use, and it is checked through leading antiviruses and passed all the tests. Moreover, this software is trusted by millions, so you can grab this utility to fix iPhone or iOS-related devices.

What Is ReiBoot Used For?

ReiBoot is primarily built to fix a wide range of iOS device issues. It covers most iOS versions and is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems.


If you are tired of hunting for a solution to fix your iPhone issue, the ReiBoot download method, including the installation process, is there for you. Following them, you can fix any technical issue on your iPhone effectively.