Download Temple Run for PC for Free [2023]

Download Temple Run for PC for Free [2023]

Temple Run is a phenomenal 3D running game that offers a significant portion of its content to the gamer for free. In early 2013, it was developed and crafted primarily for mobile handsets by a team comprising two members at Imangi Studios. 

These two members, Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, have curated an eye-catching and thought-provoking title that captured the substantial traction of gaming enthusiasts. By the summer of 2014, Temple Run 1 and 2 had been downloaded billion times from the Google apps PlayStore.

Unfortunately, this entertaining and attention-grabbing game was not meant to be used on the desktop PC at the time of its release. However, those gamers who prefer playing games on a large screen can still install this game on their PC by downloading Android Emulator and APK files.

The entire process of downloading and installing Temple run is insanely easy and doesn’t require a PC with high specs (RAM. Processor, Storage).

Temple run follows the premise of running games that runs at the highest possible speed, passing through difficult paths surrounded by obstacles. An adventurer responds to these obstacles via jumping, sliding, and gliding.

Apart from escaping the obstacles, gamers have to collect as many coins as possible to reach new levels and explore new gaming content. The game provides users with plenty of controllable characters and eye-catching locations at different levels.

Eventually, serious players can experience tremendous powers and boosters that can be harnessed for each individual character. 

Like many other 3d endless games, Temple Run has garnered substantial acclaim in the entertainment industry since its release. Its widespread popularity and recognition in the gaming community is its continuous offering of downloadable content upgrades.  

Aside from the free content, this game supports in-game purchases that can alleviate gameplay obstacles and grant access to some additional items that add to the gamers’ experience.

The PC version of Template Run can seamlessly run with the aid of an Android emulator. For smoothly running this game, we strongly recommend using the BlueStacks emulator, as it can flawlessly run 3D gaming applications. 

Leveraging the potential of PC-compliant emulators, gamers can enjoy outstanding image quality and the highest performance levels that they can’t expect in their modern mobile handsets. 

Additionally, since the game is lightweight, it can flawlessly run on any PC configuration.

Temple Run 2 has been enjoying the reputation of being an exotic and trending gaming app for an android operating system. Peoples find it the most entertaining game and when you start playing this game, you’ll definitely be amazed by the theme of this game. Moreover, it received the highest rating and a bunch of positive reviews from the players.

Temple Run has been enjoying the number one slot in the Google app PlayStore in the ‘Top Free Action’ game category. This game entertains users with its fantastic concept and aesthetically appealing graphics. It took mobile gaming to the next level and was perceived as a role model by gamers and developers.

Game Story

Temple Run game plot is based on a simple story. You are running with a stolen temple in your hand while Devil Monkeys are chasing you. Once the devil monkeys catch you, they’ll kill you immediately. While running, players will experience a host of obstacles like trees, fireworks, rivers, and forests. 

You have to escape all these obstacles while collecting as many coins as possible. 

The more coins you have, the greater will be your running speed. Each individual character is equipped with magnificent powers.   

Technical Details for Temple Run

Title Temple Run for PC
Author Imangi Studios
Requirements Windows OS, PC, Android Emulator
File Size 45 MB
Category  Mobile app for entertainment
Last Update 14th September 2022


System Requirements

Android Emulator Bluestacks Emulator
RAM required 2 GB 
Graphics Card Nvidia, AMD, Radeon, and GeForce RTX.


How to Download Temple Run for PC 

Here is a step-by-step guide to download and install Temple Run and all you need to do is follow these steps to enjoy this thrilling game.

  1. Since Template Run is an Android-specific game and to run any android app on your PC you need to have an Android emulator. Today there are a plethora of emulators readily available to download and install on your PC; however, we recommend BlueStacks due to its compelling user interface. Therefore, if you don’t have the emulator installed on your PC, consider installing that application. We have already discussed the complete procedure of downloading Android Emulator in our previous article. 
  2. You can easily download Bluestacks for PC by clicking on the download button given in our emulator article.  In the next step, you can click on the download button to download the cracked version of the Temple Run APK files.
  3. Once you download the APK files, you need to launch Bluestacks. If you have a laptop with an appallingly low configuration, you might experience delay in the launch of the application. 
  4. When the Bluestack opens, you’ll find a bunch of menus. On top of that, you’ll be prompted with a host of options at the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose the option ‘Install APK.’  Temple Run
  5. Upon clicking on that option, visit the folder where you have downloaded the Temple Run APK files. Import those files into the emulator and hit the ‘Ok’ button.
  6. Bluestacks might take a few minutes to install the App depending on the configuration of your PC. Please wait for a few minutes and when the installation completes, you’ll see a logo of Template Run on the home page of Bluestacks.
  7. Double-click on the app logo to launch the Temple Run game. Here you go now you can play this game on your PC like an Android phone.

Temple Run


Temple Run has become immensely popular amongst gamers due to its simple but appealing interface and wisely-crafted story. We’ve nailed down the best and the least time-consuming method to download and install this game on your PC. 

If you experience any technical issues while downloading and launching this game, feel free to let us know. We are always here to help you in resolving technical errors.