Wii Backup Manager

Download Wii Backup Manager for Free [2023]

Wii backup manager is a utility that allows you to download or backup games from your PC or a hard drive to a USB drive so you can play your favorite games on your Nintendo gaming console. Apart from that, this wonderful utility can download game covers from GameTDB and list down all the games you have on your PC.

If you have macOS, we recommend using Witgul to copy games. On the other hand, use Wii Backup Function to perform the same on Windows, macOS, or Linux. You might be disappointed to know Wii backup manager only supports Windows operating system.

To play multiple games simultaneously, complement Wii with the USB-powered external hard drive. Most of the drives available in the market are suitable for this task if they support USB 2 backward. 

USB drives with 1TB or more capacity can work perfectly. Moreover, a flash drive is feasible for this task, but due to the limited storage capacity of the flash drive, it can’t store too many games. 

Your USB drive must be formatted as FAT32 or NTFS before you download the Wii backup manager. Avoid using other formats like exFAT, extFS, and WBFS because these formats are no longer valid for storing Wii games.

In order to embrace this software, all you need to do is to insert the USB drive into the computer and load the application. If you are using this utility for the first time, the utility will prompt you to format the device to ensure its compatibility with the Wii console.

Furthermore, you need to be careful while selecting a storage device that you want to use with your console because the WBFS format is not compatible with Windows. 

You can unleash this software to add new games, create new channels, rename games already stored in the hard drive, and even transfer copied data to another hard drive seamlessly.

If all these benefits can’t convince you, WBFS displays the cover art of each game, and allows you to download any game that is not publicly available to download anywhere.

Undeniably, it is a fantastic tool that allows you to enjoy all your favorite games on the Nintendo Wii gaming console without requiring you to deal with dozens of original discs.

Salient Features of Wii Backup Manager

Easy to Use

WBFS or Wii Backup File System manager is easy to use. Besides, this phenomenal program is equipped with Wii Backups to produce copies of your favorite game on any popular gaming platform. Moreover, it enables users to transfer a bunch of files to a USB drive with insane ease and comfort.

However, before you transfer a file, you need to make sure that the format of the destination folder is aligned with the WBSF framework. The Wii backup manager tool automatically formats the hard drive and makes it compatible with the Wii system. 

Perfect Tool to Manage Backups

Wii Backup File System is designed specifically for the windows command line application. This utility allows you to access all the Wii backups stored on the formatted drives. The latest version of this application uses the same methodology and function to make backups more and more accessible to the users but with a user-friendly interface.

Besides, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or expertise to access the Wii backups. This application best suits those gaming enthusiasts who love to keep a backup of their favorite Nintendo game on their PC.

Easy to Install

In stark contrast to the Multi-Mod Manager for Wii, WBFS uses a basic installation method, which doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. For Windows 7 and advanced Windows operating systems, the utility doesn’t require users to fulfill too many requirements.

This lightweight application doesn’t occupy too many system resources. Once the software is downloaded completely, you can start exploring its features. Its simple interface allows you to navigate all the options and features conveniently.

Its user-friendly and simplistic interface, coupled with a few buttons and menus, assists you in exploring data, content, and a multitude of other aspects.

Additionally, WBFS considerably reduces the disc size and never lets it exceed 100 MB. With Microsoft Windows, there is no straightforward method to perform this task without any external assistance. 

Furthermore, the Wii backup manager doesn’t assume any technical expertise from your end. Once your plugin an external USB drive into your PC, you can launch the program and select the preferred drive you want to assign to the device. Upon completing these few steps, you can start the formatting process.

It is worth mentioning here that you have to copy all the ISO files from your PC that you are going to add to the USB drive. With this methodology, you can easily launch Wii games.

Extended Support for Batch Processing

Although programs like Cemu Wii U Emulator are touted as the best tool for playing Wii games on the PC, WBFS works utterly differently. It merges everything you need to deploy ISO files on an external hard drive. 

Interestingly, this utility allows you to format WBFS, extract ISO files, add backups, and export backups to the drive. On top of that, WBFS has extended support for batch processing and allows you to rename an existing WBFS drive.

Undeniably, WBFS is an exceptional utility. It doesn’t only allow you to access existing files but even creates new backups with a few clicks. Aside from that, you have the freedom to download backup copies of Nintendo Wii games to store them on your PC for later use. 

Configuring the WBFS

When you use this tool for the first time, you have to perform some configurations.

  1. Go to options > settings.
  2. Within the ‘General’ tab, you’ll find the options:


  • Change the “Wii disc partition to keep” to Delete Update Partition.
  • This setting will squeeze the overall size of the drive by eliminating update and garbage partitions but retaining the non-game partition that might be required for the game to work efficiently.
  1. Within the tab “FAT32/NTFS.”
  • Change ‘Folder layout’ to Store all the files in separate sub-folders.
  • Change the default settings of “Naming style” to Title_[GAMEID] (Do not forget to include underscore)
  • Allocate 4 GB hard drive space to the “WBFS split size.”
  • Enable the option ‘Automatically update the storage convention when a drive is available to use.’
  1. Under the tab ‘Drives/DVD.’
  • Under the hard drive, select all the drives of your computer.
  • This step is optional, but it inhibits the automatic installation of games on your computer.
  1. Under the ‘Titles’ tab
  • Enable “Use GameTDB titles.txt.”
  • Select your preferred title language.
  • Click on the “Download titles.txt.”
  • Enable the option “Use GameTDB titles for file and folder names.”
  • Lastly, do not forget to uncheck all the checkboxes because these options can damage your drive.

Transferring Games to the Wii Backup Manager

1. Click on Dive 1 and select your preferred drive. 

Wii Backup

You will then see all the drives stored inside your drive. You’ll also see information about your drive at the bottom of the Window.

Wii Backup

2. Upon selecting your preferred drive in the Drive 1 tab, you are free to select your desired ISO, WBFS files, or folder to add to your drive.

Click on the Files tab > “Add” > “Files” or “Folder.”

3. Choose all the games you want to transfer to the device. Once you select the games, click on transfer and then Drive 

Wii Backup

Finally, let the program do its job and you’ll end up with a full backup of all the games in your drive.