Quick Fixes For Windows Update Stuck On Preparing To Install Windows 7

Windows updates keep the drivers and other necessary applications up to the mark so that they can run smoothly on the computer. Moreover, the updates also prevent security issues and thus protect users against malware, ransomware, and other potential threats. Most of the time, Windows 7 updates do their task silently in the background, and after installing updates, Windows will ask for restart permission.

But the above case does not always happen, and most users have experienced Windows update stuck on preparing to install windows 7. In general, Windows 7 updates take 20 to 30 minutes to complete the entire process, but if the duration is more than that (6-7 hours), it means there are some problems with the Windows update. 

So, determining the problem and fixing the same is a major challenge. The reason is sometimes Windows 7 updates take 3 hours, and if you lose your patience during that period and perform any unwanted task, then you will get into a bigger problem. But there is a smart way to find out whether Windows 7 update is stuck or not.

How To Check If Windows Update Stuck On Preparing To Install Windows 7?

If Windows 7 update is taking more time than usual, then look at your Hard Drive Light (HDD light). If there are no flashes on the LED light periodically, it means the problem is genuine. On the off chance that the LED light is flashing at every short interval of time, it means Windows 7 update is doing its task, and you must wait for some time for the completion of the process.

Why Are Windows 7 Updates Stuck On Preparing To Install?

The prime reason behind Windows 7 stuck on preparing to install error is the software conflict, and the secondary reason is the issue with the Windows Update itself. If you are a Windows Vista user and have not installed SP1, then there is a high chance that Windows Update will get stuck. So, being a Vista user, you must download & install SP1 while accessing the OS to avoid this error.

3 Best Ways To Fix Windows 7 Updates Stuck On Preparing To Install Error

There are many solutions to fix Windows 7 preparing to install stuck errors, and for your solace, the best of three is provided below.

1] Hard Reboot

Windows update stuck on preparing to install windows 7 error message is quite annoying, but if you restart your computer at the time when this error message appears, you will be redirected to another window stating ‘Failure configuring Windows updates and Reverting Changes’. The message directs you that there is some problem with Windows Updates, and Windows is undoing the updates.

Here, you need to wait for some time, and very soon, you will get back to the normal Window. However, if the message stays for a longer time, then you must go with the hard reboot option, and for that, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, and once the device is turned off, release the button. 

If you are accessing Windows 7 on a laptop, then remove the battery and keep it ideal for a couple of minutes. Now, start your computer, and this time, you won’t find Windows 7 stuck on preparing to install a message on your computer screen. 

2] Boot Windows 7 In Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, Windows launches the essential drivers and services, and thus it prevents software conflict.

Fix Windows update stuck on preparing to install windows 7

In safe mode, Windows 7 updates will be accomplished and once it is done, restart your computer to reach normal Windows. This process is very simple and mostly resolves Windows 7 update hangs on preparing to install error.

3] Wsus Offline Update

WSUS offline update is the most powerful Windows update freeware utility that patches and updates Microsoft clients and servers. The tool fixes all the potential issues of Windows updates, and for flawless working, it just needs a computer connected to the internet.

On this page, you will get the download button of the WSUS offline update; click on it to start the process. Once the installation is done, launch the tool, and on the homepage, you will get different versions of Windows OS, select Windows 7 and ensure to choose 32-bit or 64-bit as per your system requirement. Now, click on the Start button and then wait for a while to complete the Windows updates download process.

Quick Fixes for Windows update stuck on preparing to install windows 7

Next, you need to install the downloaded Windows update and for that, move to the client folder of WSUS offline update and then select the downloaded update file, and further click on the Start button. The installation process is commenced & will be finished in no time.


Windows update stuck on preparing to install Windows 7 is very common, and if you get the same message on your computer screen, then don’t get panic. You just need to follow the above-mentioned solutions to get rid of Windows 7 updates stuck on preparing to install errors. On the off chance that you want to bypass this issue, then freshly install Windows 7 on your computer. But in that case, you will lose your data, so keep this option as the last one.