WinRAR Free Download for PC Windows 7 64-bit [2023]

WinRAR Free Download for PC Windows 7 64-bit [2023]

WinRAR is a phenomenal file-sharing and archiving tool that lets the user transfer and share different files conveniently. Leveraging the power of this wonderful tool, you can compress any file to a .zip or .rar format before sharing it with others. Moreover, the tool lets the user encrypt the compressed file.

Additionally, it can create a backup of all the essential data, reduce the size of email attachments, decompresses other downloaded files in a .zip or .rar format and produces completely new archives in a ZIP file. For these reasons, WinRAR is the most widely used file compression and archiving utility, with millions of users worldwide. 

On top of that, with this fantastic software, you can merge different types of files under one folder. 

How to Download and Install WinRAR for Windows

  • Hit the download button to download and install cracked version of WinRAR for Windows 7.
  • Keep clicking on the next button and specify the destination path for downloaded software.
  • Finally, WinRAR will be installed on your computer.


Technical Requirements

App Name WinRAR
Developer  Win.rar GmbH
Last Update 30th June 2023
License  Freeware but add supported
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
File Size 3.31 MB


Use Cases 

WinRAR is a file compression tool that lets the user transfer and share gigantic files easily. With this tool, you can convert any file format into a .rar or .zip file that occupies considerably less disk space than the original file format. WinRAR is best suited for multimedia files because it detects the most feasible compression methodology while accelerating the compression process at the same time.

Besides, WinRAR makes sharing data via email or any other medium easier than ever before. Since it allows the users to send multiple files, regardless of their sizes, in one compressed file, which can be sent as an attachment, WinRAR assists the users while archiving by splitting both archiving and cataloging accurately.

How to Extract Files Using this Utility

Once the user downloads WinRAR, it will launch automatically. The top panel list options like Add, Delete, Extract, Test, and View. The user can open the compressed file by clicking on the extract option. Eventually, a new window with a list of files will appear.

Similarly, the .rar and .zip files can be opened from the destination folder when you right-click on the particular file and select the option open with WinRAR.

How to Compress Files 

WinRAR lets the user compress multiple files of varying sizes into one single file. Eventually, file transfer speed increases dramatically. To create a new RAR file, you need to click on the Add Files option and then choose as many files as you want to compress into one single file. 

The final file created through this compression can be either .rar or .zip.

Moreover, users are allowed to specify the compressed file format and the destination where the file will be saved.

Is WinRAR Safe?

WinRAR 6.20 is 100% safe and free from all kinds of malware. Its predecessors had a few bugs fixed with the new release.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you download and install the latest utility version. 

To prevent data breaches or any other malicious activity during the file transfer, an extra layer of security is added to the RAR file.

Therefore, only authorized users can access the files.

Salient Features of WinRAR

Supports All File Formats

The utility can compress different file types like RAR, ZIP, 7-ZIP, TAR, GZip, ISO, ARC, and many more. 

Division of Archives

WinRAR lets the user smartly manage the archives by dividing them into different segments. Furthermore, you can save the archives in other drives as well.

Easy to Use

All the tech-savvy peoples use WinRAR to transfer files via the web. If you receive a RAR file from an email attachment, all you need to do is to open the WinRAR first, double on that file in WinRAR to open it, select all files, click on the “Extract to” button to specify the destination and hit the “OK” button.


WinRAR was primarily designed for the Windows platform. Soon after its release, its android version was also developed. Although there is no specific for Apple, Mac, or Linux, WinRAR seamlessly runs on all devices. 

Free of Cost

It allows a 40-day free trial so the users can easily explore all its features and functionalities. Once you download and install this application into your device, you’ll start receiving notifications regarding any new updates. 

WinRAR with a freeware license is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and is widely available for all users. 

Amazing User Interface

Once the user opens this utility, it gives access to all the RAR and ZIP files to extract the compressed files to the desired folder. At the top of the utility interface, users will find all the tools to manage the archives. Besides, all the tools are simple to use and navigate.

Easy Drag and Drop Option

The utility allows you to add as many archives as you want using its simple drag-and-drop tool.

Which Encryption Technology It Uses?

Two America-based cryptographers, Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen coined Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm (AES). Later on, the National Institute of Standards and Technology adopted AES as an encryption standard. As of now, this method is used worldwide for both hardware and software.

AES encryption standard is relatively better than other encryption methods like DES (Data Encryption Standard), which was used by the government and academic institutions.

That being said, AES encryption cannot prevent a “brute force attack.” Therefore, a new encryption standard was developed to overcome this existing method’s shortcomings.

Therefore, the capability of an existing encryption standard was augmented with either 128 or 256-bit keys. The higher the number of keys, the more difficult it becomes for intruder to crack the code.

Luckily, the latest version of WinRAR is equipped with this updated AES-based 128 or 256-bit encryption mechanism.


WinRAR is arguably the best tool for compressing huge files and extracting them for later use. What sets it apart from other utilities is its ability to create compressed .rar files. Above all, its ability to compress, extract, share, transfer, and archive makes it unavoidable, specifically for those who send or receive attachments via email too frequently.