Zenmap Download for Free [2023]

Download Zenmap for Free

Every network administrator, IT manager, or security professional, whether a beginner or expert, desires not just an accurate network mapper, but one that is easy to use. Network mapping used to be quite a difficult task for beginners. However, with the advent of Zenmap download, the story has somewhat changed. 

Zenmap is an open-source utility for security auditing and network discovery. It is an application for tracking the activity within your network and analyzing the traffic and hosts of an entity. It is the official cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI ) for the Nmap Security Scanner. It runs on all major computer operating systems.

Zenmap download is a free utility that aims at making Nmap easy to use for beginners and at the same time providing advanced features for experienced users. This application can also be useful for tasks such as monitoring host or service uptime, managing service upgrade schedules, and network inventory. Zenmap allows for different types of scan according to the provided profiles.

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Network Management Made Easy

ZenMap network management

Every network manager requires the right tool to effectively manage a network. For the most part, operating these tools require some level of skill. From knowing how to manage a website to analyzing traffic, and network activity, you’ll need some form of expertise to excel. Zenmap has come to change the game and makes things easier.

You don’t have to compile the program from the source yourselves, the developer has made available ready-made binary packages supporting multiple operating systems. Managing and monitoring your network is now an effortless task.

User-friendly Interface

ZenMap profile editor

Zenmap download was designed with beginners in mind, so don’t be intimated by the advanced and powerful tools the application brings to the table. All of these tools are confined in an intuitive and simple layout, featuring straightforward functions and options, with easily accessible commands.

In the main window, you will find various tabs corresponding to data concerning hosts and services. All you need to do is browse to the corresponding tab of the data you want to be displayed and select.

Flexible and Power-packed

As much as the Zenmap download software is beginner-friendly and simple to use, it still represents when it comes to high-end features. The app features some very advanced and powerful tools that require a great deal of expertise and a good amount of knowledge to be able to use.

With Zenmap, network managers are able to know all that is happening with their network and in turn identify vulnerabilities that are exploitable by hackers. This application is able to display information about the server currently selected – information such as status, closed and scanned ports, Ipv4 and Ipv6 addresses, hostnames, and so much more. 

Additionally, Zenmap supports a lot of advanced network mapping methods with obstacles such as firewalls, IP filters, routers, and so on. Zenmap is no doubt a reliable way for tracking website traffic and managing network workstations.

What’s New

A lot of changes have been made on Zenmap over time. Some of the improvements and additions that come with the latest version of the application are as follows:

  • Support Windows ARM architecture
  • Npcap upgrades
  • Double scanning of the same IP address resolved
  • 3 NSE scripts added
  • Old WinPcap library not supported
  • Windows NSIS installer upgrade
  • Issues related to address matching resolved
  • Addition of New UDP payloads
  • XML output of Nmap improved
  • SMB2 dialect handling redesigned
  • OpenSSL upgrades

Key Features of Zenmap

Zenmap practically boasts features that cater to every network mapping requirement.

From saving scans and comparing between two or more network scans, to viewing the topology map of a network, seeing a port display running on all network hosts or just a single host, and so on. All of these happen quite easily. Let us take a look at some of these amazing features.

Network Mapping Capabilities

ZenMap network mapping

Zenmap is no doubt a network mapping software, it is only natural that it has robust capabilities for the purpose of mapping a network. Simply put, with this program, you can find devices of a network, that is, host discovery. Additionally, it allows for analyzing various components, such as networks, switches, routers, and so on.

Port scans 

ZenMap port scans

Zenmap download software features a power-packed port scanning functionality. Its port tool or scanner makes use of different types of packet structures, which support multiple protocols such as TCP, ICMP, UDP, and SCTP. This allows you to perform tasks such as identifying various network characteristics, getting a network map/profile, or making a software/hardware inventory effortlessly. 

Service identification

ZenMap service identification

In addition to identifying the host, Zenmap allows you to identify the type of service a host is performing. You will be able to know how the network functions, whether as a name server or web, or as mail. The software will also help to identify the specific programs and related versions of applications the host runs.

OS Detection Capability

ZenMap OS detection

Operating systems detection is another very useful feature of the Zenmap software. Zenmap performs excellently when it comes to identifying the operating system run by your network’s devices.

Additionally, the OS detection process lets you discover a number of other valuable details of your network’s devices, such as the vendor’s name, devices’ uptime, software version, and much more.

Security Audits 

Security audits are a crucial feature in any network management software. It is no news that hackers are increasingly on the lookout for any breach in the network they can take advantage of and infiltrate your network. Zenmap security audits will identify any vulnerabilities and alerts whenever it identifies any risk to the security of the network. 

How to Download and Install Zenmap Software

Follow the step-by-step guide below to download and install the app.

  • Download the Zenmap setup file from our website
  • Once downloaded, double-click on the .exe setup file to initiate the installation
  • A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the installation, Click yes
  • Follow the prompts and instructions that follow, until installation is successful.

Final Words

The need for an accurate network adapter cannot be overemphasized. Zenmap download software is no doubt a wonderful software designed to make network-related tasks easier. This software is one of the best network management programs meeting the needs of both beginner and advanced users.

Zenmap is a simple tool to use; all you get to do is select your target and then select the scan button according to your desired profile. The program stores the results of recent scans in a searchable database. You can save the scan results to be viewed at later times. You can also compare the saved scan results to identify any differences.